Putting My Health First


I’ve been on a journey the past few years to put my health first.  I’m the type that will neglect myself when in the presence of others and It takes a major toll over time.  I was interviewed by She Knows about my experience with parenting and diabetes and what I’ve learned the hard way through this experience.  I’d be really honored if you read it:

My Mom Story at She Knows

And just as a reminder…do something nice for yourself today, you deserve it!

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Putting My Health First

  1. Stacey D.

    Putting yourself first (and not just in terms of health) can be so hard at times. There are so many things to do and place to be and people to take care of that it can seem impossible at times. Way to go for making that effort! Truly, everyone needs to do that. And I love how you remind us that we all deserve something good :)

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