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Carolyn Jager has type 1 diabetes since childhood and was diagnosed just after her younger sister was also diagnosed.  (That story sounds familiar, doesn’t it Ana?)  Carolyn’s mother made her and her sister homemade cases that were fashionable and much less serious than what was available at the time and eventually, Carolyn decided all people with diabetes should have an option for a much more stylish and fun diabetes bag.  Luckily for us Sugar Medical Supply was born.  Ana and I received complementary diabetes cases (which do not dictate or sway the contents of these reviews).

These bags offer different fashionable designs, an easy to wipe interior and exterior, and fits the overwhelming majority of meters out there.  They have all the necessary compartments inside the case, but also an external pocket where you could put your cell or a cold pack or glucose tablets.

You can view all the designs and products here.

Ana’s Review:

After seeing the products that Sugar Medical Supply offers on their website, I was so excited to receive my very own “sugar bag” :]. First of all, the pattern is very cute and I love the colors. The size is convenient as well, not too small, not too large–I knew it would fit all of my supplies perfectly.

I have the tiny one touch meter, so I was worried that the featured universal strap wouldn’t be small enough to fit my meter, but it is! You just have to mess around with it for a bit. As you can see in the photos, I also fit my two insulin pens, a bottle of strips, a lancet, a spare battery, lancet and pen needles, and a small notepad.

I love it! I definitely recommend investing in a sugar bag. It has to be cute with that name!





Sysy’s Review:

The Sugar Bag reminds me of those really cute and colorful make up bags, only on the inside there are places for all your diabetes supplies. I appreciate the size of these bags-not too big nor small. (Funny, Ana and I agree on that and we wrote this separately without talking to each other about it.)

For women who want a discrete and non medical looking diabetes case that is also affordable, these would be a great purchase.  These bags make a really cool gift idea for anyone with diabetes.

Of all the bags I’ve been sent, these are probably the most practical ones.  The quality of the zippers and compartments are great and the patent pending, see through, stretch-to-fit-any-meter band is genius.  I can see myself using this bag anytime I go somewhere with my kids (which is a lot of places) because it’s tough, cute, casual, and holds everything.  These are not your typical boring case and are a great fit for everyday use.

And now for the giveaway!  If you’re interested in having one of these, please state in the comments that you want to be entered in the drawing, which will close in one week from today.

When you win, you can choose from this design:


or this one:



It’s your call :)

Good luck!

21 thoughts on “Sugar Bag Review and Giveaway!

  1. Cynthia Zuber

    Adorable! I LOVE these bags and would love to win one!!! I cannot decide which one – they are both soooo cute. I guess the colorful one (1)… Thanks Sysy and Ana! I love your review of these and I agree – the name SUGAR is totally adorable. I’m looking forward to using one of these!!

  2. Dana

    I think my daughter would absolutely love one. Cute, and practical for all of the necessary supplies. Thanks for entering me.

  3. Carey

    OMG these are just way to cute I love the product as being in college we try to find something cute to carry our stuff in and they have really nailed the concept!! thanks for entering me!!

  4. Stacey D.

    I have the Bella Blue and a friend though it was from Vera Bradley! I love it too and am so happy that the OmniPod PDM fits in it (even though I have to use it upside down since the strip goes in at the bottom) :) We certainly are lucky that so many people have spent time to create such wonderful products for us!
    And you don’t have to enter me in the contest, since I already have one.

  5. Linda Finniss

    My daughter Natasha would love one of these bags. We have tried other cosmetic bags but they tend to rip. Thank you the giveaway it will mean a lot to my daughter and others out there.

  6. Judy

    Thank you for the review. Please enter me into the drawing. I hope I win … I hope I win … How often do we get to enter a contest – JUST FOR US T1D’s! Thank you.

  7. Amanda S.

    My first attempt at this comment was full of spelling errors (oops) so here’s my second go..

    I would love to win one of these cases, they look so functional and easy to carry all of your diabetes stuff. Plus being made of fun fabric instead of industrial black canvas (sorry meter companies, but ick). Looks great.
    Thanks ladies.

  8. Heather Hageman

    That would be so wonderful to receive one of these stylish and functional bags. I have looked all over in our small community and all I have found is a make-up bag. Although it works, it just is not quite fitting my needs. I like the design and the pockets for supplies. It would seem like Christmas for me. (Actually it is on my Christmas wish list). Please pick me!!!!!

  9. Lisa Ryan

    Hello – I would love to enter to wind the bag for my daughter, Tara. She is 17 yrs old and just diagnosed yesterday with Type 1. Needless, to say, we are a bit shell shocked. She is being a trooper and very brave – I am so proud of her courage.

    Love your website – thank you!

  10. Debra Woods

    This bag is what is what I have been searching for for weeks! Perfect size for the supplies I have to carry.
    Please enter me in your drawing.

  11. Linda Gonzalez

    Was diagnosed with type two diabetes in September 2015. Your bags/cases are so beautiful. My favorite bag is the brown one with the large pink flower, although I can’t find it on your site to purchase. There is absolutely no comparison to the bag/case that come with my meter purchase. Thank you for giving diabetes some class.

  12. Roxanne Jester

    Love the looks of this bag. My daughter has type 1 and tries to hide it. This case looks discreet.

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