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By now you all may be inclined to think that “Sysy doesn’t do negative product reviews”.  But sadly, here’s one for ya.

I got some On the Go Glucose Quick Sticks recently which I tested out the other morning for a low I experienced.  This product boasts a 100% daily serving of Vitamin C and an “on the go” delivery method that needs no water.  There are 10 grams of glucose per serving (meaning you’d probably more than one to treat a low).  It comes in flavors such as watermelon and sour apple.

So the other day, I confirmed my low blood sugar and tore one of the sour apple sticks open.  They just so happen to resemble jumbo pixie sticks with a powdery fine filling.  I poured half of a stick in my mouth and gagged.  Something out there actually tastes  worse than glucose tablets.  Then, because I was low and shaky and my tongue was numb, I started to choke on the powdery glucose.  You sort of chuck it from the packet down your throat and it’s all too easy to choke on, in my opinion.  Maybe not the best for young children.  Or maybe just me.

The fun didn’t stop there.  Since I was shaky and flustered, I fumbled the darn thing (which is as light as a feather) and dropped it.  Powder filled the air and settled all over my desk, keyboard, and carpet.  The only thing it did right, once I opened a second packet and downed it, was get my sugar up quickly.  But the main ingredient is glucose and that’s it’s only job.

I feel like a glucose delivery product should taste decent and function well in a diabetic’s sweaty, trembling hands-because that’s our reality.

So if you see this at the store next to your glucose tablets, look away and grab your bottle of tabs.  Better yet, I recommend Glucolift glucose tablets.  Now there’s a well thought out product for a diabetic.

5 thoughts on “Glucose Quick Sticks Review

  1. Becka @ Just a Bunch of Momsense

    Thanks for your review on this product (and for being the guinea pig for us all.) If I ever saw this in a store, I would definitely get some for my 15yo son to try. And also, thanks for the mention of GlucoLift. I’ve been debating whether to order some (since they’re so pricey) but I really like the fact that they’re all-natural, which is REALLY HARD to be consistent with in D-world. Just recently, I discovered Dex4, which he seems to like, and although I don’t completely buy the “natural” label, (it’s not as if they’re made with real oranges,) I feel a little better about them than the store brands, or Reli-On. ~Becka

  2. Chris

    I tried the Glucose Quick Sticks and truly loved them and use them all the time. I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 9 months old and think this product is second to none. They taste great and i tested one time and it worked within 8 minutes. I dont know if you were just having a bad day, but you are completely incorrect on your review. I saw them at my local JDRF walk and everyone loves them, they cant stop raving about them.

  3. Julia's Mom

    Sysy, thank you for reviewing Quick Sticks. I love your blog and will soon be directing my daughter, whose diabetes was diagnosed at age 2, here.

    I found your excellent blog because I got online to find out more about this product, specifically. Why? Because my daughter, now age 11 and newly in middle school and who is also the undisputed Love Of My Life, thinks They Rule. She got some at the local JDRF walk last weekend as samples and she cannot stop telling me how much she loves them…loves the taste (‘like Jolly Ranchers’), loves that they look like candy (‘my friends want some’), loves that *something* about T1 finally seems cool to her rather than like a chore. She even thinks they fix her lows faster than sugar tabs (she hates sugar tabs), and while I doubt that’s true, it’s great to see her feeling positive even during a low. She’s had a bit of a bumpy transition to middle school recently, too–lots of kids asking her invasive questions just at the point where she doesn’t want to be different, or at least not different in an I-Have-A-Medical-Condition way. With Quick Sticks, she’s found a way to leverage the difference into something that, at least for now and at least around the kids she’s around, is positive.

    All that said, I have one complaint about Quick Sticks. Dangit, they stick it to you on price. .50 cents each if you order online, and you can only treat 12 lows (or 6, depending how low you go) with one box! Yikes. I’m so very not in love with that.

    Plus, to buy in-store, I have to go to Wal-Mart. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in the world I want badly enough to go to Wal-Mart. But I sure do love my kid.

    Anyone know how to get these things cheap *online*?

  4. Bethany

    These are my son’s favorite thing for treating a low. He loves them. Guess it’s a personal thing. Too bad my wal-mart stopped carrying them!

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