What Makes A Bad Diabetic?



“What makes a bad diabetic?” was a search term that someone entered in order to land on this website.  When I saw it, several questions popped up in my mind.  First, who asked that question?  Was it a person with diabetes?  Or even worse, was it a healthcare professional?  Was it a diabetic’s loved one or acquaintance?

I’d like to answer this question today.  Of course, it’s my opinion, but it’s also my blog, so here goes:

What makes a bad diabetic?  Bad is one of those ambiguous and overly used and general words that doesn’t do well to describe anything anymore.  But, I know that being termed a “bad diabetic” is a negative and unwanted thing.  Society thinks of a “bad person” as someone who makes decisions that impact themselves or others negatively based on negative intentions.  Because someone who makes decisions that impact themselves or others negatively while having positive intentions would be all of us at some point or other.  And I think that’s called being human.

So how can there even exist a bad diabetic?  How is it possible?  What about someone who has all the intention in the world to purposefully hurt themselves or others?  I would call that crazy.  I mean literally, this type of person is not well.  They are sick, mentally sick.  Because no on wants to have high blood sugars and feel ill and die young.  No one who is well in their mind.

I hope medical personnel never refer to a person as a bad diabetic (I’m sure some do though).  It’s a very ignorant thing to do.  I mean, we might as well assume we’re all bad then because we all sometimes make decisions that hurt us and others.  Who’s exempt?  I hear crickets…

So to the soul who typed in “what makes a bad diabetic?” into their search engine, if you have diabetes please know that if you think you may be a “bad diabetic” I believe that you are just struggling  and in need of support, information, and hope.  Seek help.  If a medical practitioner asked the question, I hope I’ve answered it for you and helped you think a bit differently about it.  And if a loved one or acquaintance of a diabetic asked the question, please support this person and not judge them.  It’s one thing to tell someone you notice they aren’t taking care of themselves and to offer them help and it’s another to say they are “bad”.

There is no such thing as a “bad diabetic”.

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