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My family and I live in Virginia where it’s illegal to buy and sell raw milk.  However, clever people have found a legal loophole.  The law states a person can consume the milk from their own cow.  So we have bought what is called a cow share.  It allows us to legally purchase raw milk because we’re just drinking what our dear cow provides.

Don’t worry, I researched this farm, talked to people who’ve been drinking their milk for years, and even inquired into the health and total treatment of the cows.  Safety is very important with stuff like this.  Totally unrelated, but I love cows.  Such gorgeous lugs :)

Anyway, why am I trying raw milk?

First of all, I’ve become aware that much nutrition is destroyed in the pasteurization process.  Some don’t agree but I’ve found more researchers agreeing than not agreeing.  Milk is pasteurized to kill anything harmful in it.  However, a cow that is healthy, that eats it’s proper diet (grass, not grains!), is treated with love and care, and is milked under strict sanitation guidelines yields safe, healthy milk.  And that appeals to me.

Also, there have been too many studies for my comfort talking about a link between pasteurized milk and type 1 diabetes in children.  I have two such children and therefore take this information very seriously.

Raw milk proponents say the benefits include:

-More Vitamin A, C, and D

-More readily absorbed calcium and iron, Vitamin B12, and B6

-More minerals, including Iodine and Folate

-Protection against asthma and allergies in children (pasteurized milk has been strongly associated with the increase in asthma, allergies, ADD, auto immune diseases and more.)

(View source for the above info.)

My husband grew up in a rural area and drank milk straight out of the cow’s (and goat’s) teets and he literally is the healthiest person I know.  Literally.  All he’s ever had to deal with is a cold and because this is all he’s ever experienced, he is severely annoyed by something as simple as a runny nose.  (Lucky…)  Is there a connection?  I don’t know but I’m intrigued.

I’ve been drinking the milk for a week now and all I can say is tastes amazing.  It has no strong flavor whatsoever.  It just tastes like creamy heaven.  One of the best parts is it doesn’t taste like stinky plastic because it hasn’t been sitting in a plastic container for weeks or months.

I will let everyone know if I notice any benefits to our family in the next weeks/months.  I’m not looking for any, instead, I’m trying to tie us closer to things as they come in nature-keeping safety as a priority.  I figure that’s the healthiest way to go.

Anyone out there drink raw milk or have any opinions on it?  I’m very interested to hear!

22 thoughts on “Raw Milk Experiment

  1. Michael

    I don’t know much about raw milk, and actually gave milk up a couple of years ago (since it kills my blood sugar), but I really love the idea of buying a share in a cow.

  2. Jane

    Do you know what the carb count is like for raw milk in comparison to pasteurized milk?

    I’ve wanted to try raw before, but don’t have access.
    Great article!

  3. Sysy Post author

    Michael, milk does a number on my sugars, too. I tend to only add an ounce or two to my tea or herbal coffee :) My kids and husband down much more at a time, though.

    I think the carb count is the same, Jane.

  4. Nathan

    My mom was pretty alt-health in the 80s when I was growing up, and she purchased 11 gallons/week of raw milk from the local dairy for us kids to drink. Our dad is a Type 1 diabetic, so we took quite a few health precautions to see if we could dodge genetic bullet. Although two of the seven children did end up with T1, we are all healthy people. The extra cream didn’t make anyone fat. It was great milk.

    From what I know about auto-immune disease now, I think avoiding gluten might have been more effective than avoiding refined sugars, but that’s progress.

  5. Kate

    My boyfriend also grew up drinking the raw milk from the cows his family raised in Colorado. His immune system puts mine to shame and he very rarely catches even a cold. I think it’s a worthwhile experiment to try if you are a milk drinker. Not to be a downer, but the standard dairy industry isn’t always the most humane. I think buying milk from a small local farm, when possible, sounds like a much more kind way to consume your milk! Good luck with the experiment.

  6. Sysy Post author

    Thanks Nathan! Great to hear your family are all healthy. I agree with you that avoiding gluten seems to be the most effective measure to take. I notice that my kid’s stool (I’m still changing diapers) is best when they don’t eat wheat and that hints to me a better likelihood in them avoiding the leaky gut syndrome that has been implicated in auto-immune diseases. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that I struggled to tolerate wheat for so many years before developing type 1 diabetes. And I know this all seems like a lot of assuming but I’d rather go with the flow of what we are learning than sit back and do nothing.

  7. Sysy Post author

    Hi Kate! Glad to hear your boyfriend is so healthy! I agree that the standard milk industry isn’t the most humane, in fact from what I’ve learned, I think it’s downright cruel and I have a hard time dealing with that. I’m not big on milk in general but my kids and husband love it so I wanted to find them a better source to consume. Thanks for commenting :)

  8. Laura P.

    I’ve totally looked into raw milk here and you have to buy part of the cow to get it!! It’s sooo expensive. I would die to have access to raw milk!! You are so lucky!I am interested in your results. Sounds awesome. My family can’t hack dairy very well, but I’ve been buying more to make kefir and am hoping the benefit of kefir outweighs the crap of milk…

  9. Sysy Post author

    Hi Laura! That’s what a cow share is :) Buying part of a cow! It is more expensive :( I don’t know how I’ll afford it as the kids grow and drink more! We’ll have to see :) I’ve heard that 80% of people who don’t tolerate milk have no problems with raw milk, which is pretty interesting… Anyway, kefir is awesome! Thanks for commenting :)

  10. Andrea

    I gave up drinking (or eating) milk after reading the book “Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health, and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk” by Keith Woodford. Here is a link to it on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Devil-Milk-Illness-Health-Politics/dp/1603581022/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1430683716&sr=8-1&keywords=devil+in+the+milk

    I wish more type 1 diabetics would read this book. It has made me very suspicious that cows milk is the major cause of type 1 diabetes. But for politics and $$ reasons, this idea has been swept under the rug (which the book goes into). When I brought this up to my diabetes nurse, who also has type 1 diabetes, she said it was very interesting because she has two children and the first one she only gave soy formula to but the second one she gave cows milk formula to. The second child ended up getting type 1 diabetes, and the first child did not. So she has wondered about the effects of milk as well. I’d like to talk to as many type 1 diabetics as possible about this and hear their stories/experiences with cows milk in their life.

  11. carol

    I moved to P.A. where raw milk can be purchased at farmers markets and farmers feed stores and places like that. I wanted to try it just because I like natural things. I am a diabetic, and was told not to drink much milk because of the sugar it contains. 1% milk is like drinking water.

    You’ve amazed me with the idea that raw milk can help people with various diseases including diabetics. I will continue drinking raw milk and see if it helps my blood pressure and thyroid issues as well.

    Personally, I just like the taste of raw milk over regular milk. Thanks for the information about raw milk. I hope it works…

  12. Darrin

    My family and I have had a small dairy for the last few years. I absolutely love to hear anything about people’s experience with raw milk.

  13. Jacquie H

    I will have to say I switched to Raw Cow Milk about a month ago. My blood sugar has been regulated much better as my body can actually process it more efficiently. ( I am Type 1)

  14. Gayle

    Since I breastfeed my 3 children I believe in natural milk benefits. I grew up on a dairy farm and drank raw milk…lots of it. We were particularly healthy lot of children. When I left home and went about life I continued my milk consumption habits but of pasturized milk. I immediately acquired mild asthma and now type 2 diabetes and generally became less healthy. I have began using raw milk and hope to see improvement – and yes it is not easy to come by. Talked to an East Indian doctor who told me that the enzymes in raw milk are used to fight infections in her former country. Evidently human breastmilk will also fight eye infections, thrush, skin problems and the list goes on.

  15. Kay Dowd

    What is the status of raw milk and diabetes? I have friends in Normandy who sell 20% of their grass fed cow’s milk unpasteurized and another 20% to a brother who makes delicious cheese. Does this really help T2 Diabetes?

  16. Christi

    I have Jersey Milk cows and raise them organic grass fed for their milk. I have 6 biological children and 2 adopted, when my oldest girl started developing breasts at 7 and I was told by the dr “oh yeah we see. It all the time ” I started taking a closer look at what we ate, specifically the hormone soaked beef, dairy and poultry mass produced….and I cut it all out , we went organic…not usda organic that’s a joke, check their website for “approved chemicals” we raise everything…and my daughter stopped developing to young. All 8 of my kids are healthy as can be and no T1 diabetes. One thing I would like to point out…I’m not sure what you are being told a milk share or cow share costs, but originally it was meant to cover feed and water for the cow. A mature jersey will produce ample milk for 4 families of 4. And it costs about 200 to feed one a month, so your cow share should be $50 for feed and maybe a little for the milker, if you provide your own bottles. Just letting you know what I charge. That would be to”buy into” but if you get 4 families together to buy a good cow, initial cost should be roughly $500 per family.

  17. AmiB33

    I developed lactose sensitivity/intolerance after contracting giardia 30 years ago. I could consume yogurt with live bacteria without a lot of symptoms. Before I developed type 2 Diabetes I would drink Lactaid Milk and use enzyme tabs. I gave up dairy for a year – felt so much better – but felt I could improve my digestion by eating yogurt. I recently started eating Brown Cow Cream Top yogurt and have had NO bowel symptoms of my lactose sensitivity, None. I recently joined a raw milk co-op, and have just started My-Big-Fat-Raw-Milk-Experiment … I have been drinking 8 oz. of raw milk a day for 4 days – and no symptoms of digestion trouble with the milk. I still get the mucus production in my sinuses, but it isn’t as intense as it used to be with homogenized milk. BTW the Co-op cows are Jerseys – which I have read are A2 cows…I admit I am still trying to understand all of this. I had hoped to read about results of Raw milk’s impact on type 2 diabetes, so I guess it will be me. Peace.

  18. Grace

    I will start buying it again since a friend told me the cream has no sugar in it , home made icecream with xylitol sounds wonderful ,I am diabetic ,

  19. Wayne

    I drink raw milk regularly and have now for over 4 years.. A farmer outside of town brings it in each week.. He’s amazing and we’re really lucky to have him and his family deliver into town.. He also offers organic grass fed chicken and beef. Even makes his own organic herb cheese, mayo, butter, buttermilk, and fermented Dill sour kraut. The sad truth is that even the “organic” labeled milk sold in stores goes through the pasteurization process which makes it totally useless.. Wouldn’t drink anything other than raw.

  20. Vicki

    I grew up on raw milk and you can buy it in my state as well as my neighboring state. When I drink raw milk my cholesterol improves drastically, hands down it is safer than most other foods, and is better for you

  21. Mary

    There is no one in my immediate or extended family that has T1 diabetes, however I consumed raw cows milk as a toddler consistently. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of seven and would bet my life that it was caused by raw cows milk.

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