What You Have No One Can Take Away



What you have, no one can take away.  What you have is ownership over all of your decisions.

You choose what to eat.  Are you on a tight budget?  You can still eat healthy.  This will probably take sacrifice and creativity on your part.  But it’s still your decision.

You choose how to take care of your diabetes.  You struggle with it?  Everyone who has diabetes struggles with it.  It’s the name of the game.  But you can struggle against or with the wind.  I suggest riding every breeze or gust that comes your way.  An opportunity to take a walk?  Take it.  A choice between a healthy meal and a pastry?  You know what to do.

You choose your attitude.  Your family sucks?  According to psychologists, most families are dysfunctional.  You hate your job?  Find a way out even if it takes years.  Know that you have more power than you think.  Choose positivity, potential, and carefully plan your way to where you want to go.  In 5 years, if you’ve done nothing but complain, you’ll wish you had just set sail on that long term plan you had because now you’ll find that you’re stuck, miserable, full of regret, and…older.

You choose if you exercise each day or not.  You’re busy and can’t afford a gym membership?  Then watch your must see TV while doing squats and push ups.  Get a yoga DVD, figure something out.

You aren’t motivated?  Get to the bottom of that.  It’s normal not to feel motivated but it’s a major setback.  Talk to a friend, seek help, write in a journal-just figure out a path to motivation.  Even if that path is 100 miles long, it’s better than never starting the journey.

Decide today that you have infinite possibility and potential and power within you.  Decide that no one can take any of that away.  They can challenge you, throw hurdles, cause you major reroutes but ultimately they cannot stop you (they’re too busy on their own sorry path).  Two steps forward and one step back is still progress.

And it’s your choice all the way.  Just make it and don’t look back.

Tough love for all of us…including myself.


2 thoughts on “What You Have No One Can Take Away

  1. Cynthia Zuber

    Wonderful post Sysy! I love that you not only mention the obstacles many of us face but offer solutions too! True words of wisdom here and very well written. Thank you.

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