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Many of you have heard of Richard Vaughn, longtime type 1 diabetic and author of a wonderful book which talks about his journey with type 1.  He’s very active in the DOC and has provided tons of people with hope by reminding us that for many years (due to lack of modern technology and information) he had consistently high blood sugars but is healthy and still going strong.

Richard is so active via email and discussion boards that maybe some of you aren’t aware that he has a blog!  So I just want to broadcast to you all that one of the treasures of the DOC has a blog we can follow at Richard’s Rambling Review.

Every time I feel panic that somehow my diabetes is going to kill me or leave me covered in complications, I remember Richard and his many decades with type 1 and the way he is happy and healthy and always giving back.  We all could use a blog buddy like that Smile

One thought on “A Great Diabetes Blog to Follow

  1. Richard Vaughn

    Sysy, you are so kind to me….thanks so very much! I appreciated your review of my book in 2010, it helped me reach out to people who may never have known about it.

    I think your diabetes blogsite is one of the very best on the web. I know you must have a very busy life, and I appreciate your taking the time to blog and help so many people with their lives and their diabetes.

    Your friend, Richard Vaughn

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