The Making of The Girl’s Guide, Part 2 of Interview

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Many of you have heard this story before but if you haven’t and happen to be curious here is part 2 of my interview with Laura Kolodjeski from Sanofi talking about how and why I started the blog and what my future plans are.

The only thing I would like readers to take away from my words is that sometimes having diabetes can be the source of motivation in our lives.  It can provide our route to helping others.  It can be a big part of our lives without being the bane of our existence.  I think to some extent that’s what I’ve been trying to do.  Thrive with diabetes, embrace it and learn from it, and use all that energy to help others who have it.

Luckily for me my path on this blog has led me to immense learning and support from the DOC.  So it’s just another example of how life is always full of pleasant surprises and even our having diabetes can ironically dish good things out.

Click here to read The Making of The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes

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