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Diabetes Sisters 2012 178

I pinned Hope Warshaw, who is a member of Diabetes Advocates and author of multiple books for people with diabetes.


We need people to see the blue circle and immediately think, “DIABETES”.   The more united we are under one symbol, the better outcome we’ll have in our advocacy and awareness efforts.

The International Diabetes Federation is behind this mission and are encouraging us to “Pin a Personality”

Here are the instructions straight from the IDF:

“Take a picture of a personality with the blue circle pin.

How to choose a pinable personality?

Your personality can be anyone who you think would profile our blue circle to a wider audience or contributes to IDF’s mission to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide.

Your personality could be a local celebrity, a politician, a teacher, a chef, a local councilor or your gym instructor.

Do you have anyone in mind or are you attending an event before November 14? Will you see anyone pinable? Let us know at and we will send you some blue circle pins.

Upload your photo to our World Diabetes Day Facebook page or on Twitter using #WDDPin by November 14. Don’t forget a short one liner explaining who your chosen personality is!

Let’s get the blue circle out there and recognized as the global symbol of diabetes!”


My blogger friend Stacey graciously pinned a few personalities because yours truly is a wee bit shy about these things…

Diabetes Sisters 2012 155Diabetes Sisters 2012 156

Dr. Nat Strand and Stacey with DiabetesSister’s Founder Brandy Barnes.

2 thoughts on “Pin A Personality!

  1. Mrs Aisha Bukar Ali- Founder/coordinator Diabetes Help and Enlightenment Organisation (DHEO)

    It is my pleasure to let your know of our deep involvement and great passion in creating more awareness in diabetes management and prevention in our society and Nigeria at large. Against this background we have been involved in organizing World Diabetes Day in 2012, 2013 and 2014 according to the guild lines and theme of IDF to make our voice heard and stand in unity for diabetes awareness in Nigeria.
    Similarly we Identified and pin some personalities from different perspectives that can add their voice in diabetes Advocasy as part of activities during the WDD2014. Hence we want to know the next line of action for our efforts and that of the personalities to remain relevant to IDF please. Thank you.

  2. Mrs Aisha Bukar Ali- Founder/coordinator Diabetes Help and Enlightenment Organisation (DHEO)

    You may wish to note that as at the time of marking the WDD nov 14/2014 we wanted book for the pins to pin the personalities but we could not get through on the Internet as the link was blocked and showed fully over booked. For this reason we had to identify the pesnalities and pin them locally pending on when we get the original pins from IDF.
    Therefore we are ready at any time to get the pins and replace them to our personalities please.

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