Reminder to Self


From my head AND my feet.

I recently had a two week stint of…oh I don’t know, diabetes burnout or just feeling “blah” and unmotivated.  I didn’t exercise much for two weeks and I had some processed food and began to need about 25 units of my long acting basal insulin a day.  I’m back on my exercise routine and regular eating pattern and I just wanted to share that I’m down to 15 units of my long acting.  That’s a huge change isn’t it?

I don’t know which I love more: healthy food or exercise.  I feel like I can’t manage my diabetes unless I use the powers of both.

Sometimes I’m jealous of our ancestors.  Exercise was a built in way of life (no cars, no TV, no internet, no food unless you work for it).  Healthy eating was a lot easier (no processed or gmo foods, no two week old produce shipped from another continent.)  See?  They almost had it easier.

How can we make the most of what we have?  How do we exercise smart choices over temptation?

I don’t know about you but what helps me is to meditate and work on being aware of what I want for myself.  This keeps me focused (most of the time) on what needs to be done to get me where I want to go.

I’ll try to remind myself of all this next time I go into a “I don’t feel like it” phase.

3 thoughts on “Reminder to Self

  1. Kate

    Hi Sysy,
    Glad to hear you’re feeling back on track. I’ve definately been there many times before! I was just curious about your short to long acting insulin use. Do you find as you lower your basal dose, or as your body needs less basal, you end up needing a little more short acting insulin for meals or not really? Also curious if you ever experience post exercise highs? Personally, I can walk a lot with great blood sugar lowering results, but running tends to lift my blood sugar out of range. Just curious. And thanks again for another post that lets me know I’m not the only one <3

  2. Sysy Post author

    Hi Kate! I did notice needing less short acting insulin. Also, I have noticed post exercise highs in the past. Now, I give some insulin after certain workouts like long runs. I highly recommend Ginger Vieira’s book “Your Diabetes Science Experiment” to help you figure out how different types of exercise affect the body and insulin needs-very enlightening! Thanks for your comment and yes, you’re definitely not alone :)

  3. Kate

    Wow, less short acting insulin too- how nice is that! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definately check out her book :)

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