While My Husband Loudly Snores


It’s 1:30 am and I’m waiting for my blood sugar to come down.  To spend my time constructively I’ve just composed a cover of that Beatles song…


I look at the time

Hear the clock tick and tocking

while my husband loudly snores

I wait for my blood

to stop being so sweet now

while my husband loudly snores

I don’t know whyyy, he snores so loudly

How can he breathe?

I don’t know howww, to make him stop it

I think I’m going to scream

I look at his mouth

watch his chest rise and falling

while my husband loudly snores

my blood sugar’s there

where I want it to be now

but still my husband loudly snores…





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haha – it sounds so familiar. I usually start tucking on his pillow and if he wakes I lay dead still as if nothing happened!

LOL – so cute. And I can commiserate . . . . on both the blood sugars and the snoring husband!!

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