Gummy Owls for Weight Loss


I was sent some Gummy Owls to review.  I was really skeptical because they are for weight loss and I try to focus on avoiding weight loss supplements.  However, I would never judge a product without investigating it so I decided to learn about these Gummy Owls and try them out.

What they are is a natural aid for weight loss made out of yam fiber.  Essentially they make you feel full, naturally, so you don’t overeat at meals.  I appreciated that they don’t taste horrible, but they don’t taste like candy either (that would be a problem for some).

Basically, I would just take 3, 30 minutes before a meal with a tall glass of water.  They made me feel so full I could only eat half of my meal.  For those who need to lose a lot of weight, I can see how this may help that happen.  Unless someone doesn’t mind eating while feeling miserably full, that is.

I have been wanting to lose weight recently because a two month stint with birth control pills helped me use 50% more insulin than I’m used to and so I gained weight.  I tried these for a few weeks and lost several pounds, despite exercising less than I’m used to.

A word of caution with these.  You will want to follow the directions and take one at a time at first because you’ll want your body to adjust to small amount of sugar alcohols in the gummies.  Taking a handful right off the bat may cause you intestinal distress.  Nothing deadly, but you won’t appreciate the symptoms.

If your overeating is not caused by anxiety and you want to lose weight, this is a pretty helpful product that will certainly make it hard for you to eat more than a small, appropriate amount of food at each meal.  With that said, I’d recommend this for meals you’re eating that don’t include the healthiest of foods.

No stimulants, gluten, or scary chemicals.  Not bad at all.

Go here to order or learn more :)

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