The Annual Sigh of Relief



It’s Fab Friday and part of discovering self love is dragging ourselves to the doctor for important things such as:

Each year I get an eye exam.  And every time I go I’m anxious about the results.

I happen to be SO “uh oh” broke right now, but I’m nevertheless enjoying the finer things in life-like great eye health.

My doctor asked me to remind her how long I’ve had type 1.  I told her it would be 18 years this November.  She said, “hmm…wouldn’t it be nice if you were one of the 10% that didn’t suffer eye damage from diabetes?”

“Um, yes.  But it would be really great if that 10% were a much higher number.”

Wishing you all great allover health.  Have a great weekend.



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Glad to hear it, Sysy! I also always have a lot of anxiety before going to the doctor, even though it’s almost always good news…

Great post Sysy!

Looking at the brighter side!

I love it!

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