Don’t Underestimate the Power of Housework


I buy a quart of juice each week and the kids get a few drops of it in their cup of water so that it’s flavored.  We went to a local university to enjoy the nice fall weather recently and when I realized that I forgot to buy glucose tablets, I just packed that unopened quart of juice in the car for any emergencies.

Earlier that same day, my parents let me know they were stopping by.  I took a look around me and knew  I’d have to speed clean in order to make the house presentable.  So I whipped the kitchen, living room, and guest bathroom into shape in 30 minutes.  This is something that would have normally taken me 2 hours.

I was sweating after it all and almost out of breathe (not sure what that says about me).

And a little after that is when we went out to walk.  And that’s when I was thankful for that entire quart of juice I packed in the car.  I needed every last drop totaling 96 grams of carbs.  Two hours later I was 83 and in desperate need to pee.

I think this was a great reminder for me.  When I ponder choosing between a workout and cleaning the house, why not combine the two?  One and the same if you move quickly and deliberately.

What about you?  Do you get lows during or after housework?

One thought on “Don’t Underestimate the Power of Housework

  1. Laura P.

    Yep! Sure do and when I’m on a roll, it’s so annoying. I usually slurp down the juice and fall on the couch and lose all that great momentum, but then I get up and realize once again that my world is repaired after it crashes and get going again! Sometimes when I have a lot to clean in a short amount of time, I turn on some music and rock out while I clean and then skip the treadmill that day!

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