A big scary word.  Because it is.  Of course, it does depend where it is and how far along but my little personal experience with it warrants all the fear it gets.

And now one of my favorite people in the whole world, my dad, has cancer.

It certainly feels different when it hits home.  And I’m not hiding the fact that I’m freaking out.

My dad goes into surgery later this week. We hope this reveals that they can get all of the tumor and that it’s not deeper than expected.

I write about this because I’m asking for prayers or your versions of prayers-happy thoughts, healing vibes, positive energy, etc, to be sent towards my dad.  I believe it helps.  I truly do.  So even if you take just one second to send a positive thought his way, I thank you. So much.



3 thoughts on “Cancer.

  1. Laura P.

    Oh Dear Sysy,
    Yes, We will pray for you. I have been through this with my Dad as well. It’s tough and scary. He fought it and won for a good ten years. :-) There is hope.

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