Diabetes In the Wintertime

Winter is a particularly challenging time for many people.  That would include people like myself, who might also have diabetes to perpetually deal with.  So while I may gain the obligatory 5 holiday pounds, take Vitamin D supplements, and read a lot of books (like many do during this time) it also means my diabetes management is strained.  My workouts have continued-I do kettle bell swinging and yoga instead of going outside for walks or runs.  I have been sipping a lot of herbal tea and soups to keep warm and hydrated.  But little things like checking my blood sugar feel like more of an inconvenience.  I’m cold, in cuddle mode with this blanket, and have to squeeze my finger extra hard to get a decent drop of blood out.

I’ve been doing alright, I think.  My routine psychologically matches my home-a cozy 900 sq ft cabin surrounded by cool, peaceful, swaying pines and grey branches.  I get up, do some yoga stretches, make coffee or tea, and make the kids and I breakfast.  Then we read, play, experiment, play some more, and whenever they are occupied without me, I read what I want.  It feels very cozy and small and slow.  I have to trick myself not to feel unimportant.  Though I know the goal isn’t to feel important, either.  So I just try to be.  Be ok with the weather, be ok with me. I’s easier said than done.  We’ve been trained to be as productive as possible.  It’s definitely busier in the Spring.  I get on an efficient diabetes management routine and am carried through the day by the light, warmth, and growth all around me.

Right now I take it easy.  I think about what habits I have and decide which I’d like to change.  And as a friend recently reminded me, I can use the Wintertime as a space for reflection and pause, knowing it will soon lead to those sunny, life affirming days that happen to be more my style.  Not to pick on any of you crazy winter lovers…but, you’re a little nuts.  ;)

4 thoughts on “Diabetes In the Wintertime

  1. Emily Jones

    Hi, I am a 13 year old and I have type 1 diabetes. The year’s been rough, we just moved- that was for the better though- and last year just two days after school ended I found out that I had type 1. I now have the MiniMed 530G insulin pump with Enlite sensor and thank the lord it is a blessing; managing my diabetes is so much easier. Especially during the season, its been hard figuring my carbs with food other people made. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Maria Morales

    It is definitely better in warmer weather… I like the longer days and not having to wear so many layers of clothes. Maybe some spring cleaning is wiser to do in winter when we spend more time indoors and when the spring come we can use that time outside. Still, I think that going with the seasons in an easy, calm, restful, kind of days is wise too.

    Great post! :)

  3. Lizabetic

    I totally agree! Diabetes feels so much like effort in the winter, testing with cold hands, injecting with cold hands and bodies, not to mention insulin resistance because of the cold! Glad I am not the only one :-)

  4. Sysy Post author

    Hi, Emily, that would be a great question for you to ask your endo or certified diabetes educator. I’m sorry this past year was rough. My first year with Diabetes was, too. I hope things keep looking up for you! Take care :)

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