Why There is Nothing Wrong With Sharing Your A1c

Why do some people with diabetes share their A1c? Why do some not share that info? For various reasons, of course. I support people doing what they feel is right to do for themselves. If you don’t want to share your A1c or weight or the square footage of your home, I respect that.

Why do I share my A1c? Because I used to think that normal or near-normal blood sugars were not something I would ever get to enjoy as a type 1 diabetic…until I heard that some people like me had A1c levels in the 4-5% range and I thought, “wait a minute? this is possible? It couldn’t be…how do they do it?”

Their A1c level was like a signal for me. It led me to seek out these people and what they were doing to get that A1c. It led me to figure out what might help me improve my blood sugars. Along the way, I had to learn how to avoid lows and what technology best served me and how insulin works. But, I eventually became one of those people with a “normal A1c” and darned straight I’m going to tell people about it because others once did me a huge favor by telling me!

That said, I don’t care if no one cares about my A1c. What matters to me is why I share. I think it might be helpful to someone and I’m willing to spend time sharing on that hope.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with sharing your A1c because it doesn’t hurt anyone to do so. Some say it does hurt some people’s feelings but so does announcing a pregnancy, engagement, or job raise.

Those who insist on speaking for others need to think twice–are you sure they want you to speak for them? Those whose feelings are hurt who notice that others are doing just fine with the same information may want to look inward and consider that shame or jealousy may need to be addressed. I say that because someone gave me that line and I found that focusing on my personal issues was a life saver. Who cares if someone shares their health data? Not me.

4 thoughts on “Why There is Nothing Wrong With Sharing Your A1c

  1. Rick Phillips

    The only way it hurts is if one takes the attitude that my A1C is lower than yours so something is wrong with you. I agree I share mine, I do not care who knows. But I am also careful not to share it with others unless asked, and never in comparison. Your’s is great for you as is mine for me. I am not better or worse. We are best together.

  2. Sigal

    I am on the same path as you right now. I am constantly learning about how I can improve my A1c to be “normal”. What did you do to make your A1c normal? What did you change about your diet and exercise and your life style?

  3. Sysy Post author

    Hi Sigal, All the answers to your questions can be found in the book, The Diabetes Solution by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein. It’s what worked for me and countless others. It took me 10 years to fully commit but even halfway committing improved my results dramatically.

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