Food for Thought by Ana Morales
Food for Thought by Ana Morales


The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes is written by type 1 diabetic sisters, Sysy and Ana. 

We hope to do our part for diabetes awareness and advocacy through personal blog posts, relay news posts, interviews of other diabetics, asking hard and relevant questions, and product reviews.

You can learn much more about us and the site’s purpose and mission by clicking below on our names :)

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  1. Sarah Harmon


    I’m reaching out in hopes that you’ll look to do a story on my company and Kickstarter campaign: Poppy Medical ID.

    My goal is to making fashionable medical ID bracelets and turning girls’ embarrassment into empowerment.
    What you already know: There are more than 30 million women living in the United States with life-threatening, chronic conditions. Medical ID bracelets make life safer for these women and should be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But nobody wants to wear them.
    What you don’t know: after I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1998, I spent much of my teens and early 20s wearing a visible reminder of a disease on my wrist. It was painfully awkward, both physically and psychologically, having to explain the ugly, utilitarian bracelet that broadcast my disability to everyone I met. Why couldn’t something functional, effective and medically essential also be beautiful?
    Two years ago, I quit my job in business development to start Poppy Medical, a company that would make medical ID bracelets that women actually wanted to wear. I enrolled in jewelry school, learned 3D printing and set up my supply chain. Now, on Monday September 12, Poppy Medical started a Kickstarter campaign to raise additional funds for production and to take preorders for the bracelets. I’ve already heard from thousands of girls and young women asking how to get a Poppy Medical ID bracelet.
    Would you be interested in talking some more and helping us spread the word? My funding goal would allow us to start production and make all of this a reality!

    Thank you,
    Sarah Harmon, T1D & Founder of Poppy Medical

  2. Sysy Post author

    Hi Jacque and others! I got hacked a few years ago and I lost my newsletter subscribers. As a result, too, my entire site had to be replaced with a temporary theme (look). So I don’t have a newsletter anymore. But I do still write here so feel free to check back periodically for new posts. Thank you so much and when I can get things back up and running I’ll let you know about subscribing. :)

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