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Welcome!  My name is Sysy Morales. (Sysy is pronounced like two letter C’s and yes, it’s my real name)  I’m the creator of this site. I have had type 1 diabetes since age 11. I’m a wife, I homeschool my twin 8-year-old son and daughter. I write 6 days a week at DiabetesDaily.com for the past 2 years and have given dozens of talks on living well with diabetes all around the U.S. as a peer mentor and public speaker.

I graduated from the NYC based Institute of Integrative Nutrition to be a Certified Health Coach and to learn as much as I can about nutrition and wellness.

If you are anyone with any type of diabetes and want straightforward encouragement to strive to be as healthy as possible and still remain your fabulous self then you have come to the right place. If you’re a man with diabetes, please stick around! You’ll find most of the site’s content is for any gender, any age (actually, men read this site just as much as women).  It’s just that from time to time I’ll talk about pregnancy, pms…ya know, girl stuff.

Update* My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in Dec 2018 so this will also be a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes blog.

I’ve been writing here since 2009 which means I likely won’t agree with much of what I’ve written in the past. Change happens! If you want to clarify something just email me at sysymorales@gmail.com.

My sister Ana also has type 1 diabetes and is this site’s amazing artist and illustrator and contributing writer.  Read all about her here!

Questions from blog readers answered here:

Why do you write a blog?

Because for some reason I cannot stop talking about diabetes. I’ve coined the terms “diabetify” or “diabetee” to say that I can take any topic and somehow relate it or link it to diabetes in some way.  (But isn’t diabetes all up in our lives like that?)

But seriously, going from unhealthy and miserable to healthy and happy just made me want to encourage others and say “you can do it, too”.

I also notice how health impacts our world, everything from a random crime to our economy and I’m passionate about doing my part and supporting others to be healthy and happy. I believe we should all take responsibility for our health and for the way we live our lives and I believe honesty, compassion, and awareness are key.

How do you manage your blood sugars?

I use MDI (multiple daily injections). I take 4 units of Tresiba each night and 8 hours later, I take 6-7 units of Tresiba in the morning. I take Humalog as needed but am about to try Regular because I limit carbs to nearly 30 grams per day and do other things outlined in the book: Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution and Humalog works a little too fast and furious for me. R insulin is supposedly a better match for my low-carb, high protein meals–I’ll post all about this soon after I try it! I generally wait about 15 minutes before eating for insulin to kick in (and more if my blood sugar is high).

What’s your typical A1c?

It’s been under 6% since 2005. That’s when I started to test more, eat fewer carbs, reduce processed food, exercise more, and it’s when I quit the pump, which I had for 7 years. I liked aspects of the pump, it’s just not the best option for me, personally, in particular, because of pump failures. Those can be so dangerous at night and I won’t risk it. I’m quite “trigger happy” with that thing, too and needed to remove myself from a habit of giving insulin too quickly to cover unnecessary snacks. Kudos to you if you have one and manage your sugars well with it.

How can you help others with health coaching/diabetes coaching?

I don’t have time for health coaching at the moment, plus clients were not paying for services or showing up to meetings on time and I don’t have time for that! But, if you contact me, I may very well help you for free: sysymorales@gmail.com.

 What type of exercise do you do?

I’m dealing with bad tendonitis around my knees right now so using a JumpSport fitness trampoline for gentle bouncing and using a total gym for upper body. Of course, my husband is often my workout partner and that counts, too.  ;)

What do you do on a daily basis?

I stay at home with my 8-year-old twins and homeschool them. The day usually starts with me checking email and news. Then I work out a little bit. The kids wake up and we do breakfast and I read out loud from a novel (right now it’s book two of Lord of the Rings!) Then it’s time for school. We can usually finish school by lunch each day. Then they play or practice something they enjoy while I write for DiabetesDaily.com. A few hours later I do housework and then cook dinner in time for my husband’s arrival. Then it’s family time (and dishes and laundry and getting kids in the bath, time). I also film and edit videos and blogs my kids do at FrancoandLucia.com. They are super cute, check them out :)

What is your stance on health?

I don’t believe we’re made to consume any refined or processed foods or drinks (though we can get away with a little, pretty well and some can get away with a lot).

I believe our bodies require daily movement to stay healthy.

For us people with diabetes, we also require great blood sugar management if we want the best shot at avoiding all kinds of minor or major complications–I’ll admit this is a tough pill to swallow but embracing this reality is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I believe we all need quality sleep way more often than not.

I believe we need to feel our feelings, accept them, and learn to release them.

I believe we should be gentle and kind to ourselves but hold our bars high (aim high, reach high).

I think it’s wise to ask one’s doctor about taking vitamin D3 once levels have been checked.

I strongly believe in peaceful parenting (not to be confused with permissive parenting). Many studies now elucidate for us just how damaging certain parental behavior can be to children and that can set them up for serious health problems later on in life–if we parents educate ourselves on what children need from us and we deliver, we offer them the best chances at a great life as adults.

And last but not least, I believe in being aware and present. This way, we don’t take our lives for granted and we see the truth in ourselves-the good and the not so good. By being aware, only then can we begin to change in the direction we see fit. You can’t change something you don’t focus on and you can’t focus on something you haven’t noticed. So pay attention.

What is your bottom line?

There are few things more damaging to the body than high blood sugars so I do advocate for people with diabetes to figure out what the best level of tight control is for them. From what I can see, the safest way to tight control is lowering carbohydrate intake. Lowering carbs generally involves having your stuff together but I believe for those who can, doing so is the greatest shot for long-term health. It took me years to get my stuff together and that meant that for a while I accomplished about half of what I wanted with my diabetes management. That’s ok because I just keep on working at getting better at life and the diabetes management follows. Just because something like lowering carbs, having more discipline, or checking your blood sugar more often seems impossible doesn’t mean you can’t do it one day. I struggled big time and I promise that if you keep focusing and working on it you can improve greatly.

I also advocate for forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. We are all on a hard road and by only supporting each other will we ever get anywhere. I hope to inspire others to think about their health in a way that makes them see how worthwhile they are to take care of.

So are you the perfect diabetic?

I hear this a lot and so I have to apologize for when it comes off this way. I really am quite goofy, forgetful, and spontaneous and all those traits make it hard to manage diabetes. But, I can admit that I do very well, however. Regardless, I still have days that are just nuts! Total fails. I try to learn a lesson for the next time.

What kind of music do you like?

I love all kinds of music. My husband is in awe about how I seem to know the lyrics to any song from any decade in any genre of music. I really should share that my little brother is an up and coming star, check him out! Here he is at age 13 opening for Tommy Castro.  Update!  He is now 16.  Just recently opened for recent Grammy winners Snarky Puppy.  A super cool kid I’m proud to call my brother. Update! He’s 19 years old now deciding which school of several to attend. (By the way, he was homeschooled!) (Also, I’m getting old)

What is your favorite food?

I guess my favorite food is whatever I’m in the mood for. This could be sauerkraut, chocolate, green salad with chicken and avocado, codfish, or fried eggs. I am crazy about food. Craaazy.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

Scotch or tequila, straight up, please. Those fruity drinks are for people who want a spiked Juicy Juice and not a fine adult’s drink. (lol)

What do you think about carbs?

If you have type 1 diabetes, you’re carb intolerant to the largest degree possible and may want to try low-carb. I can’t say enough great things about it. If you have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes I’d recommend eating to your meter. This means eating in a way that allows you to manage your blood sugar levels well. Carbs are great but I have learned I must limit them if I want non-diabetic blood sugars–which I do because I want a non-diabetic’s shot at good health.

Why do you blog about your husband so much?

Because A) he’s amusing. And B) he is married to me and therefore to my type 1 diabetes. He can’t escape it and I’m not about to let him forget how appreciative I am of his constant support.

Last words…

If my blogging about a helpful cause to support gets that cause more support, wonderful.  Most of all, if this site just inspires you to feel more motivated about learning more about your diabetes, taking responsibility for your actions, and following through with the right actions to reach your goals, then I could die happy, right now.

As always, thanks for reading.


contact me at sysymorales@gmail.com


12 thoughts on “About founder and editor, Sysy Morales

  1. Cristina Marques

    Looking forward to getting your emails! My daughter was diagnosed 6 months ago with type 1. She just turned 11.

  2. Laurie Endicott Thomas

    Dear Sysy:

    I’d like to e-mail you a copy of my book Thin Diabetes, Fat Diabetes: Prevent Type 1, Cure Type 2. The book explains how the low-fat, plant-based diet that reverses type 2 diabetes is also good for the long-term health of people with type 1. I can even send you an excerpt that you can put on your blog.

    The title of the book refers to the French names for the different types of diabetes. In French, you say diabète maigre (thin diabetes) for type 1 because it led to rapid weight loss (insulin is a growth hormone!). You say diabète gras (fat diabetes) for type 2 diabetes because it is really the body’s way to avoid storing any more fat from a fatty diet. The book explains that regardless of whether you have type 1 or type 2, a high-carbohydrate diet is actually important for your health because it improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

    Here’s a review of the book by a registered dietitian: http://www.wholefoodplantbasedrd.com/2016/02/review-of-thin-diabetes-fat-diabetes-by-laurie-endicott-thomas/

    Best regards,

    Laurie Endicott Thomas

  3. Julie Rayden

    I would love to receive your newsletter as a fellow Type 1. We share many of the same philosophies and it’s great to find your blog. I can’t find the sign-up button – can you sign me up or show me how to do this? Thanks!

  4. Sysy Post author

    I would probably contact someone with the company who makes Admelog which is Sanofi. They’d be able to give you the accurate pronunciation :)

  5. Kristen

    I just emailed you to the address above and it might have been bounced?
    Are you still working with clients?

  6. Colleen Anne Zuro-White

    I recently was diagnosed with LADA, latent autoimmune diabetes in adults. Total shock, diabetes is not in my family and I am healthy in all other ways, exercise regularly and have a healthy weight. I am in the midst of learning how to manage this disease, which appears to be rapidly transitioning to a full Type 1. I am 58 years old and this is a life changer.

    I am happy to find your blog. Please send me your monthly newsletters and thank you for being here to encourage us to live our best life with diabetes. I know I will be looking at several of your entries for education and support.

  7. Susan

    Add me to your list! Not seeing a signup icon anywhere!
    Been T1 for 43 years and on a pump…but NOT happy!
    Your site looks like it might have some great suggestions to help me get a handle on this AGAIN…

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