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HAWMC# Ekphrasis Post

We’re to find a creative commons picture on Flickr that inspires us and then write about it without editing for 15 minutes.  So here goes:

Belchite courtesy of Estrella de Queso

Belchite courtesy of Estrella de Queso


The place in this photo looks abandoned.  Yet, I can still see enough to know this place once looked pretty magnificent.  So why has it been left alone?  Somehow a sense of dread comes over me while pondering that question.  Because who would leave such a pretty place?   The photographer says this was taken in the autonomous community of Aragon in Spain, I imagine it was ravaged by war because seriously, it just looks way too nice to leave.  That and there is all that rubble lying around. 

So then how sad it must have been for those living there, to have their beautiful homes destroyed.  the balcony that remains in the center of the photo is calling me.  I have always loved balconies.  The simple looking ones that are surrounded by great architecture, earthy colors, and rich textures.  Although, pfft!  In reality what would I do on a balcony?  I have one now and only take in some sun on it for the purpose of getting vitamin D-not for the purpose of enjoying the sun’s warmth.  I used to love being outside and I would read outside on a blanket in the yard or look up at the stars at night while lying on top of the family picnic table.  Now, my many outdoor allergies ruin all the fun. 

So I suppose a place like this for me is more like a curiosity evoker.  I probably would get bored here pretty quickly.  I’d enjoy hearing the story about this place but I’m sure I would not step onto the balcony for very long because I’m not much into relaxing anymore.  I can see myself now, standing there amidst all the beauty and with my hands on my hips thinking, “what needs to be done?”  The day dreamy days are over and the duty filled days of adulthood are here.  (Is that Florence speaking?)  I’m pretty content with gazing at a photo like this every now and then and feeling some wonderment like a kid again, though :)

Funny, where a photograph and our thoughts will take us.

#HAWMC Shouting From The Rooftop of This Blog!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of Graur Codrin


Today’s Health Activist Writer’s Challenge prompt is a post secret. Or something personal we want to share or something we just want to shout from the rooftops.

So officially, I’m proclaiming that…

We deserve a cure for this disease because even though we’re happy, we’re living a crazy weird life full of needles and fear and paranoia. Many of us pay more than a dollar per strip every time we test-which we do many times a day! We count carbohydrates before taking a bite of food. We set alarms in the middle of the night to make sure we stay alive. We deal with mood swings from our changes in blood sugar. Many of us cannot survive without insulin for more than a few days. High blood sugar can kill us and low blood sugar can kill us. At any moment. We get tired but can’t quit fighting. For us, any small activity can be a complicated experiment. We often sacrifice our passions to work where we can get adequate health insurance. We try hard and often, we still don’t win. We deal with intense physical, psychological, and emotional pain without any breaks.

The fact that many of us are very kind, happy and healthy people is only a testament to how strong and soulful people can be. This observation is not to be used as proof that we don’t need or deserve a cure. We do. We need help. We need support. We need technological advancements. We need funding for all of the above.

Please keep that in mind when you see our fabulous selves walking down the street.

HAWMC# Yet Another Poem about Diabetes


Today’s prompt is to write a poem that is about 5-15 lines and where each line is a question. 


What is my diabetes affecting today?

Is it causing this itch on my arm?

Is it a cause for alarm?

Should I call the doctor?

Or is paranoia a factor?

Maybe I should relax?

Do I seem stressed to the max?

Where is my meter, my brain?

Have I lost them again?

Will you help me find them?

Or better yet, will you join me in a quest?

To advocate for some of the best?

Do you know about people with diabetes?

Did you know they’re all over your cities?

Help us in finding a cure?

We’ll help you right back for sure!

HAWMC# I Write About My Health Because…

Courtesy of healingdream
Courtesy of healingdream


Today’s prompt is:

“I write about my health because…”

  • I find it overwhelming to live with diabetes and writing about it is a helpful release


  • I hope others find it relatable so they don’t feel so alone


  • There are times something needs to be broadcasted


  • It sometimes makes for more dramatic storytelling than late night TV


  • I find it helpful to track the past and compare with the present


  • I want to share what I’ve learned and haven’t learned


  • I express myself much better in written form than by talking


  • I love to write


And lastly, I write about my health because you read what I write.

Thank you :)

#HAWMC Health Haiku

Photo courtesy of dan
Photo courtesy of dan


The prompt for today is to write a haiku about one’s condition.  I made up a fictitious conversation between an older and wise diabetic to a young and frustrated one.  (I don’t know why but I made them kind of country)


Diabetes ain’t

a good reason to despair

just continue on…



You dunno what it’s

like, here in Wilford’s shadow

‘betes has me worn



I’m gonna tell you this:

I know you can handle it

and live really grand


What do I do huh?

I feel like I’m being beat

I don’t want this thing



You must accept it

that is the key, then you work-

work, consistently.



Sadly folks, Friday’s prompt is to write another poem…lol

#HAWMC Feces Transplant Helps Pre Diabetics?



You say "mmm" your belly says"nooo"        Photo by Simon Howden
You say “mmm!” your belly says”nooo!”    Photo by Simon Howden



I’m still participating in Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge!  And today’s post prompt is to find a ridiculous headline or news about a cure for our disease and write what we think about it.  I had to read this article so I went ahead and read about the entire thing-not just the headline.

I found this:

Feces Transplant Helps Pre Diabetics With Insulin Sensitivity

For real.  And honestly, besides the cringe inducing factor-this makes sense.  We read more and more about how there seems to be a possible connection between type 2 diabetes and an imbalance in the gut.  Too much bad bacteria over the good bacteria caused from too much of the wrong foods or a sensitivity or allergy to certain foods.  This bacterial balance in the gut is SO important.  So when feces containing a better blend, so to speak, of good bacteria and bad bacteria, were transplanted into other men’s bowels (eww, I know) the men (who were obese and pre-diabetic) experienced improved insulin sensitivity.  They didn’t lose weight, however.  Yet, we know that many overweight people do not get type 2 diabetes.  There are other factors at play for sure.  And I think this study just helps to support that.  Many with type 2 diabetes are at a healthy weight.  With this study it’s too early to really tell anything but it’s certainly interesting.

Also interesting is it was suggested to me by a doctor that I give my newborns probiotics during their first few months of life to possibly minimize their diabetes risk by strongly supporting the healthy bacterial balance in their bellies.  And even now I try to watch out for foods that promote bad bacteria over good bacteria just in case it helps.  It’s one of the main reasons I limit processed foods and desserts with a lot of sugar.  I hope we learn more about this soon, don’t you?

One last question.  How did they find willing participants for this study?

#HAWMC Yahoo Answers Post

Courtesy of Photographic1980
Courtesy of Photographic1980


The prompt for today is to pretend you are writing a question about your condition and then answer it yourself.  It can be as silly or humorous as you want.  Here goes…ahahaha!

Q:  Where is diabetes from?

A:  Well, diabetes comes from Outer Space.  Millions-and I mean millions of years ago, Martians came over from, you know…Mars.  They came in search of dinosaur bones from which they would make their homes.  You could call it a construction material acquisition quest (CMAQ).  They found the bones they wanted but left behind the dust from their planet on OURS!  This dust over time sort of mixed in with the soil.  It wasn’t until animals and Humans came along that this dust started to “activate”.  Something about it mixing with a live being caused it to charge and wreak havoc inside a warm body.  Humans began suffering from this diabetes long ago because they lived on the land amongst the dust.  Diabetes cases increased over time because the dust requires heat to activate.  Over time, the planet has become warmer and warmer (thanks to global warming) and the world’s population has grown and grown (with the exception of Europe) and that is why this diabetes thing has simply exploded!

So as far as where this diabetes is from in the first place?  Like I said, blame it on the Martians.