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I am a certified health coach.  I love to work with people in support of their health goals.  Because I have type 1 diabetes and am very passionate about learning about all types of diabetes, I focus my coaching on people with diabetes.  It’s comforting to get support from someone who has a good idea what you’re going through, isn’t it?  I think we all need support for getting to a place of balance or maintaining our balance.  Discovering what works for us is the first step.


Due to my full schedule, I can now only coach via email. Most clients are pretty happy with this arrangement. If you’re interested in health coaching email me at


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Type 1 looking for health coaching

Hi! I’m seeking a free 50 minute consultation re talking about my Type 2 diabetes and goals for myself.

I, too, work in the arena of health (wellness) coaching. I have been a Type 1 for 47 years. Recently – over the course of less than one year – I have been able to reduce my need for insulin by 50%. Not only that, but also my daily sugars have really evened out. My passion is to help other diabetics live a full life, with minimal interruptions on account of health. The best is yet to come!

looking to learn more about your health coaching

Recently, after extensive and complex testing, I was turned down by the transplant team in my desire to donate a kidney to a friend. It was a bloody miracle that we “non-familial” matched, yet they said no because of my BMI of 30, 94 glucose, 300 cholesterol and high-normal creatinine. The doc blithely said I would probably end up with Type 2, advised me to drop some weight and sent me on my way. I’ve been researching but feel ill-equipped to grapple with this. I’m not ready to accept his pronouncements as gospel, and I’m not giving up on giving a kidney to my friend who is now facing dialysis. I stumbled across your blog – I’m wondering if you can help equip me with better tools to fight this? It’s more than simply dumping 20 lbs. only to gain it back (yet again)

I need help motivation and ideas to get started putting myself and my health as my top priority.

I read through your book (SissyMorales). You’re a coworker with God, a hope giver! With diabetes, I initially thought it was a death sentence. Thank you for your sincerity and encouragement! I’m yet to understand some diabetes terms eg Hbca1 and others. I’m new on the forum. I’m type too diagnosed on 257. Now it fluctuates between 110 and 130. It isn’t stable. Once in a while it comes down to 95.
Thank you!

I am type 1. I have had dia etes for 40 years diagnosed at age 10. I am now on an insulin pump but still out of control. I feel depressed most of the times when testing. I would like to talk find out what could help me get a tighter control over this disease.

Hi, Burnadell, email me at and I will be glad to share what works for me. I’m no longer doing phone calls because of time constraints but we can email free of charge :)

I consider myself a survivor. Only alive by the grace of God. I agree support is needed. 47yrs living with Type 1 diabetes. I get to be 61 yrs old this July. Choice to take care of myself goes against my upbringing. “Do for others first”. As a wife, mother, grandma, sister it was a struggle. I was diagnosed with Caregiver Stress Syndrome. Is this common for women with chronic illnesses?

I was wondering if you had any tips for a 22 year old on how to lose some weight with Type 1? Any diets, foods, etc.

Alexis, thanks for the question, I’d highly recommend Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution for both losing weight with type 1 while also achieving normal blood sugars. I can’t recommend this enough. Good luck!

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