The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes has been featured/talked about/interviewed in:



Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) Live radio show with Sysy Morales  (October 2012)


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DOC Brides Share Their Diabetes Wedding Tips  (October 2012)


The DX

The Sweet Arts  (July 2012)


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Coaching for a Better Diabetes Life  (July 2012)


The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes

A Smart Woman with Diabetes, Sysy Morales (May 2012)


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Sysy Morales Bonds with Her Sister Through Type 1 Diabetes (May 2012)


Discuss Diabetes

The Making of ‘The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes’  (May 2012)


Diabetes Mine

Diabetes Sisters Gather in North Carolina  (May 2012)


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Teamwork: Banding Together to Tackle Diabetes (December 2011)


The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes

A Smart and Creative Woman with Diabetes, Ana Morales (December 2011)


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Founder of the Girl’s Guide to Diabetes Sysy Morales Interview (December 2011)


Diabetic 365

People with Diabetes Stories Interview with Sysy Morales (August 2011)


Our Town

Coaching Diabetics (November 2011)


Living In Progress

Being a Mother with Type 1 Diabetes ( September 2011)


Diabetes Mine

10 Things We Women with Diabetes Want You to Know (July 2011)


Chronic Babe

Dating with Chronic Illness (July 2011)


The Diabetes Club

10 Ways to Multitask While You Exercise (September 2010)


WE Magazine for Women

101 More Women Bloggers to Watch For 2010 (August 2010)


The Diabetes Club

When Diabetes Was Cured, A Fable by Sysy Morales (August 2010)


Lemonade Life

Diabetes on Your Wedding Day (July 2010)

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  1. Carolyn Weis

    Hi Sysy,

    Did you know majority of Americans know that diabetes is the leading cause of preventable blindness but more than half do not know comprehensive eye examinations can detect diabetes? I saw your articles on Diabetes Daily and thought your readers would value new data from the American Optometric Association (AOA)’s annual Eye-Q® survey, which revealed misconceptions about diabetes-related eye health issues. See additional insights from the survey below-

    • Those living with diabetes are three times more concerned about the possibility of losing their vision than they are about kidney failure caused by complications.
    • While vision problems are a major side effect of diabetes, only 54 percent of people with diabetes who were surveyed regularly visit their doctor of optometry to understand the toll diabetes is taking on their overall eye health.
    • 79% of Americans don’t know that diabetic eye diseases have no visible symptoms.

    I would love to connect you with AOA President Andrea Thau, OD, to discuss these findings and the impact diabetes can have on vision. I have attached a press release below for more information.

    Look forward to speaking soon!

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