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I don’t know about you but, I’m big on learning new things and always improving myself.  If I have a problem I don’t just sit around and cry about it, I research ways to make my problem go away.

This past year I’ve worked through all kinds of helpful books and products, testing them against my “perfectionistic” nature.  Some are awesome, others not so much.  I have decided to share product recomendations with my readers-just the ones I find help me the most.

I won’t be passing along any recomendations on any so-so products because I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me.  So, when you happen to see a product recomended on my site, do know that I have personally tried out this product and given it my toughest critique. 

Whatever you see here has my utmost approval. 

We girls may talk a lot but, we sure know how to pass along word about a good thing when we see it.  I highly encourage you to check out what I have to say about each product and remember I’ve already done the hard work of being a human guinea pig so you don’t have to :)

Stay tuned for great stuff as I continuously and carefully test them out!

your fellow diabetic girl,


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