Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Breakthrough

Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Breakthrough is a book that quite literally saved me. 

Before reading this book I was overweight, constantly fatigued, depressed, and lost about what to do to feel better.

I knew I needed to control my blood sugars better but, I also knew I needed to eat better, exercise more, and beat my depression.  I write a lot about how I changed my lifestyle habits and totally turned my health around.  Well, here is the book that started it all!

At some point I was referred to Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Breakthrough by a multimillionaire mentor.  I began reading reviews by people who had read the book.  I saw how passionate people were about the book so I ordered it right away.  And thank God I did.  This book simplified things for me.  It taught me key secrets of those that live long healthy lives and clearly showed me what foods to eat and which to stay away from including other crucial lifestyle habits to follow. 

I learned about what foods to eat for my particular “type” and I adjusted my diet to these recommendations.  I was blown away by how spot on the information was.  In other words I found out which foods I could eat and do well with and I discovered which foods didn’t give me energy, vitality, or health.  My energy immediately doubled.

By taking Dr. Mercola’s advice, I managed to better control my blood sugars.  This in turn led to nerve damage reversal in my feet.  I quite literally was on the verge of giving up on life when I found this book and 6 months after trying what the book outlined I found myself…reborn, you could say.  Because that is how I felt.  My nerve pain disappeared and my energy levels were much higher than they had been. 

Even the cloud which hung over my head lifted.  Not only did my depression begin to vanish but, my entire outlook on life changed.  I also could think clearly for the first time since I was a child.  This led me to a crucial relationship decision which led me to the man I’ve married and had twin babies with.  I owe so much to the information in this book.

The thing about this information is it goes straight to the root of health issues many of us suffer from.  How many books do that?  I mean that is the toughest thing to do.  And yet, Dr. Mercola has managed to keep this book very simple to understand and its quick and easy to read.  I read it in one afternoon.  I implemented one chapter every few days until I found a whole new and improved me just 3 weeks later. 

I lived a decade with my health spiraling out of control in great part because I didn’t have the knowledge from this book.  You don’t just find it anywhere.  You find extreme diets to try for a month and you find exercise plans and lifestyle tips but, none so truthful and long lasting as the ones in this book.

If you want to learn about what to eat and how to deal with emotions that are not letting you have the necessary discipline for healthy changes, then this is a book for you.

If you want to finally stop the dieting cycle this book will help you. 

For me though, this book was like having an epitome.  As I read it I thought to myself, “My life is going to change”.  And it did.  Dramatically and for the better. 

My favorite part of the book is that instead of limiting yourself, you are just filling up on really healthy and satisfying foods-and a very wide variety at that!  You are also changing your lifestyle habits a bit and reaping rewards you never thought you could have.

Now I will be honest.  It took me several months to really come to follow the recommendations in the book.  You see, change doesn’t happen overnight.  You know that.  You have to give yourself time to slowly adjust your body and change your habits.  This change kept going however, because I saw good things happening to me so how could I stop?  As I already said, I looked better, felt better, and get this:  my blood sugar lowered, my cholesterol and triglycerides lowered dramatically to the right level, and I dropped a lot of water weight that I had been carrying around for a long time.  My face and ankles were no longer bloated! 

With my newfound self-esteem I hopped on this train and it hasn’t stopped.  I’m still getting better.  My vitals have improved every year for the past 5 years.

Without discipline we are not likely to make any lasting changes that will positively impact our health.  BUT, without the right information we don’t stand a chance.

This book gives you the right information and if you slowly put these recommendations into practice you will emerge a healthier more fabulous you, I promise!

If you want to get Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Breakthrough I recommend getting it through this link because you will also get 5  reports on the following topics:

  • Discover the magic of nutritional typing
  • The lowdown on cholesterol
  • Vitamin B12: essential for vigorous good health
  • The amazing wonder nutrient that may prevent or cure 7 common diseases
  • Artificial sweeteners: more sour than you ever imagined (something we diabetics NEED to know about)
  • You will also get an amazing cookbook to guide you! (Trust me these are delicious!)

When I bought all of this information it cost me a lot more than you can get it for in this bundle.  I wish it had been available to me at the time.  Not only that but, you’ll get it in PDF format which will simply and automatically be uploaded to your computer so you can start reading it right away. 

 To order this Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Breakthrough bundle Click Here!

I can’t rave enough about this book.  You’ll also get straightforward info about healthy water, exercise, which supplements are worth your money, and even how to sleep well!  All of the things that make a huge impact on our health if done right.  Had someone brought my attention to it much earlier, I know I would have suffered a lot less than I have.  From the bottom of my heart I would like to bring your attention to this book.  If it helps you (and I truly know it will) I’ll be so grateful.  My biggest goal on this site is to help fellow diabetics to avoid my pitfalls and avoid feeling the way I have in the past.  Most of all I want to help you feel how I feel now-which is awesome!

So check out the link to Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Breakthrough and give yourself the opportunity to live the best life possible.  Remember, you deserve it.



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