The most fabulous diabetic testing case


I’ve got exciting news to share with you!

You know…I have long searched for a chic and yet functional testing case.  For the past couple of years I have used several very nice looking clutch purses for my stuff.  I preferred for example, a bright orange, leather clutch with a zipper on each side for my diabetic testing supplies and even insulin and syringes.  Problem was however, my stuff floated around, fell out all over the place, and often wasn’t protected.  I just wanted to pull out something pretty instead of something “medical”. 

Was that too much to ask?  Apparently not!

I’m so happy to report I’ve discovered the company called Myabetic.  Founded by a stylish, type 1 diabetic woman, Kyrra Richards has outdone herself designing testing cases that double as wallets, medical cases that look like an awesome party clutch, and even sleek and sophisticated cases-perfect for guys!  Click here to view all of the different cases. 


The one I got from the company doubles as a wallet for women-its called Mystique (the one featured in all of the pictures in this post).  I got it in this awesome gunmetal, silvery-gold color that goes with everything.  It looks amazing!  Then I open it up and on one end there is plenty of room for my check book and credit cards and on the other end you unzip a compartment which reveals your secret: the diabetic testing case.  It is padded for protection, has high quality zippered compartments for all your testing supplies and a place to secure your strips and lancet pen or insulin pen. 


This is where I was really impressed.  I mean, I doubt you’d have a hard time finding a beautiful wallet or clutch.  But, finding a beautiful wallet or clutch that officially doubles as a complete testing case is like a dream come true! 

The last thing a diabetic woman needs is an ugly medical kit to make her feel unmotivated to test blood sugar.  Being healthy is fabulous and for a diabetic, staying healthy means testing blood sugar when needed, where needed.  Myabetic products give a gal a major confidence boost and encouragement to take care of her diabetes.

I would say this is more than enough but, then I found out Myabetic also gives a portion of all proceeds to the American Diabetes Association. 

Very cool.

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