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All I Need is the Sun and a Psychiatrist

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I don’t talk about my endo visit for about a week because my lab results take that long to come in.  They finally came in and I can report my A1c rose from April’s 5.7 to a 5.9.  It’s what I was expecting because some things changed between April and August.  My twins turned two, the weather got considerably warmer to be more like Mars, and my anxiety levels rose.

The kids turning two brought new and interesting challenges for me to deal with.  They run faster than ever!  As a result, for safety reasons, I had to move my target range up from 80-100 to 120-140.  I didn’t like doing it and felt sluggish at first but eventually my body got used to 140 whereas it used to feel bad.

The weather being really warm has always made me feel strange.  I get overheated being out in the sun and this makes me dizzy, nauseated, and tired.  This has always happened and it seems to be genetic.  I tend to confuse those symptoms for lows so I tend to push my blood sugars up.

Anxiety symptoms can be confused for lows, too.  For some reason my anxiety rose and it just so happens those symptoms feel a lot like a severe low for me.  So I’d wake in the middle of the night, 99% sure I was really low, and I’d treat.  Then I’d test in the morning and discover with a 300 that I was not low at all.  This has happened a lot lately.  I used to feel comatose at 300 and now I can walk around and function.  I don’t know that this is a good or bad thing.  I have no clue.  Anyway, I’m being referred to a psychiatrist to further discuss the anxiety issue.  My doctor thinks that counseling will be helpful and that it seems normal to him that after 2 years of baby raising and being quite isolated, a person like me with a history of social anxiety would have those issues resurface.  He did say that I shouldn’t ignore this.  My blood pressure was perfect until I started talking about what was causing me anxiety-then it rose.  So needless to say, I feel like tackling this right away.

Almost all of my lab results came out fine.  I wasn’t checked for iron and I wonder, does anyone know if low iron causes a skewed A1c test?  I was expecting my A1c to be a bit higher, that’s why I ask.  My iron wasn’t checked but I remember that while pregnant, it was very low.  Maybe it’s low now?  I don’t know.  I will get that tested next time.

The only thing that needed to be addressed on my labs was my vitamin D level.  In a time where I’ve been getting sun, it’s very low.  I supplemented through May and then stopped because I was getting plenty of sun and didn’t want to overdose.  This leads me to worry that I’m not absorbing Vitamin D very efficiently.  Anyway, I’m going to have to take a supplement and sunbathe when I can and see where that puts me.  At least I now know what might be causing my knee and muscle pain and fatigue- very low vitamin D.  I’ve also heard that if you’re having trouble losing weight, low vitamin D may be a factor.

I want to take this time to urge you to all get your vitamin D levels tested next time you get blood work done.  It’s very harmful for health to have those levels low.  I was surprised to find out what low vitamin D levels can cause.  Luckily, the solution is a few minutes out in the sun and/or a supplement.

What’s The Best A1c?

Covered in coffee and crayons but, here's the Proof
Covered in coffee and crayons but, here’s the Proof


I loved how on DSMA the other night, everyone agreed that the best A1c level varied from person to person.  It’s true.  There are so many variables in our lives that differ from others. 

Some people don’t feel when their low.  Some do.  Should they run their numbers the same?  What about a one year old versus a 25 year old?  Some of us are able to test more frequently than others, some have a CGMS and some don’t, some have complications and some don’t, and then there are personal preferences and comfort levels.

My goal for a low A1c seemed odd last night because of how low it is.  I aim to be between 4.5 and 5.  I truly understand why someone wouldn’t feel comfortable running numbers that low.  My goal is what it is because I always feel my lows (starting at 65), I stay at home with the kids all day (so it’s relatively easier for me to test and eat), and because I’ve heard that a non-diabetic usually has an A1c that starts with 4%.  Oh and because I don’t feel well if I run a little higher.  And if I don’t feel well, I’ll get depressed, and if I get depressed, every aspect of my life and my family’s suffers.

I’ve heard other data on what a normal A1c is and so the discrepancy is something I wonder about from time to time.  Is it better to have an A1c of 4.8 than 5.5?  I don’t know.  But, since most of the data I’ve read puts most A1c’s at a 4.-something, then that’s what I go for-providing it’s safe for me.  I’m grateful that I feel my lows.  I’m grateful that I don’t have a hectic lifestyle at the moment (even If I sometimes yearn for more excitement).  And I hope every day that having a low A1c will give me chances closer to that of someone without diabetes. 

Someone once emailed me saying my A1c was “rude to disclose” because it “made people feel bad about themselves”.  First of all, I’m sorry this person felt bad.  Secondly, we have a choice whether we let someone else’s results make us feel bad or not.  Thirdly, I’m well acquainted with my own past A1c’s of 8, 9, 10, and 11% and I have disclosed that, too.  We’re all on a journey to better and maintain health.  If I get a complication and you don’t, I should be happy for you and forgiving (not critical) of myself. 

Someone has also said I must be lying (so above is the picture of my latest lab results).  Luckily the majority of people in the DOC believe one another’s posted results, and that’s nice.

Anyway, the whole truth is, my feet are feeling funny lately…and it may not be diabetes related, but it may be and I’m scared to death.  I’ve limped a lot for the past 7 months and can only work out for about half a month and then I’m sidelined again.  So until I can see a doctor (appointment is in April), I’m going to aim low, try to avoid lows, keep standard deviation low, and <sigh> hope for the best.

Latest A1c Results


Before last week, my last A1c was a 5.3, taken just at the end of my pregnancy last year.  So after almost a year and a half I was definitely due for the A1c test again.  I know diabetics are supposed to get it done more frequent than that but, I have had a busy year with my twins and feel I don’t absolutely require an A1c telling me what my blood sugars are…my meter does that pretty well.  And since I test a lot, I have a good idea what my A1c is before getting back the results. 

Last week I went to the doctor, a new one I thought I’d try out.  This new doc pretty much let every diabetes stereotype and “no no” slip from his mouth.  For example, he refers to patients not doing well with their diabetes management as his “bad patients”, and he says that “technically, you should only be testing 4 times a day”.  I couldn’t help but laugh to myself and wonder what he meant by “technically”.  I found it ironic that I, according to my A1c would probably be considered a good patient and yet at the same time, by the number of blood sugar tests I do, maybe be considered a bad patient, too?  Why do so many doctors not understand that my testing directly correlates to my A1c and successful diabetes management?

My A1c was once again a 5.3.  I had estimated it to be between 5 and 5.5 and I am pleased to be pretty close. 

Please don’t feel I’m trying to sway you away from getting an A1c done.  I typically get two a year because it is a handy tool and a good back up to the meter (what if it’s off?).  I just like making the point about how important testing is, how it hides no secrets, and how testing during off times like the middle of the night can do wonders to troubleshoot ways to improve blood sugar levels. 

One quick question.  When you get back great lab results, do you get congratulated?  All I got was a “All your labs are ok.”

Gee…thanks Doc…

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