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Spending on our Diabetes Supplies


Here’s my story-I used to get very caught up with how I was going to afford my diabetes medications and supplies.  I would make a yearly budget list of things I wanted to spend money on and I would include all my diabetes stuff on that list.  Then throughout the year I’d make choices from that list as money came in.  I ended up putting off my diabetes related purchases until the last moment or until I was broke and had to ask my parents for a loan.

This was no dignified way to live.  I felt upset every time I did spend money on my diabetes thinking, “This is so unfair, with what I spend on my diabetes, I could have gone to Europe for a month by now!”  And perhaps that’s the truth.  BUT…didn’t I have a high value placed on my health?  Didn’t I realize diabetes wasn’t going to go away and that if I was healthy, I was able to do more things?

I began realizing that my diabetes related purchases needed to be on a list of things that I must spend money on.  And in fact, those purchases needed to be at the top of the list because health really should be my priority.

I was bitter for years because I was giving up small vacations, clothes, cds, and other things I wanted to buy because that extra money was going to my diabetes.  I didn’t like feeling this way so I started working on changing the way I thought.

I realized I was choosing to be miserable, yet healthy when I could choose to be content and healthy.  So I decided to continue prioritizing my diabetes but I also began working towards a goal of getting a new job and making more money.  In the meantime, I’d try to take pleasure in the simple things like friends and family and focus on what I DID have.

Eventually I got to where I’m at now.  Paying for my insulin and strips is just like paying the monthly rent.  I don’t even think about it.  I need it.  I’m grateful to be able to pay for it.  And instead of being upset about it, I’m spending that energy on much better things.

In the end, it’s all worked out better than I ever dreamed.  Some people cannot afford their diabetes supplies.  Some don’t have the choice.  For those of us who do, let’s make it in favor of our health and the rest will fall into place.

What 1000 Glucose Strips Buy You


My husband is a man of few words.  So when he does speak up, my reaction is often “genius!” or “that’s hysterical!”  And sometimes I’m just bewildered.  Anyway, out of the blue the other day, Alex said, “You know, for what they cost, 1000 strips easily buy you a cow”.


I should mention that Alex grew up in the country.  Not Tim McGraw’s country, I mean, use candles for light, eventually eat your pet goat, play in the cornfields, walk a few miles to school, no indoor water or plumbing, country.

Thanks to his comment, I thought it would be fun to make a list of things that 1000 strips can buy.  I use 1000 strips every 4 months.  I have insurance but many people with diabetes don’t and that’s worth noting when you realize what that money could be used for.  Let’s cure diabetes so we can all go shopping!  Just kidding!  Or not…

What 1000 Glucose Strips Buy You:

200 fast food lunches

A new TV and a Blue Ray/DVD player

A Blackberry for you and all your friends (and not the edible kind)

A weekend vacation

A nice set of golf clubs

A small used fishing boat and fishing gear

A nice pay down on credit card debt

A box full of Oprah’s favorite things

A Garmin Navigator GPS system for each of your two vehicles

Not one, but two good sized Dooney and Bourke bags

A few cans of excellent caviar (yeah…not worth it…)

A long and steep fall into the Gap

Five months of food for a homeless person

A super nifty digital camera

Two or three Dyson Vacuums (all you’d need in a lifetime!)

One troy ounce of 24k gold

Really sharp and fancy kitchen knives

A beautiful watch

A used clunker that can still get you from point A to point B (there’s a value in that!)

A kick start for an entrepreneur


Taking care of one’s diabetes doesn’t come cheap.  Tell everyone about it.

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