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I Passed Out and Ironically, Diabetes Was Not to Blame


Thanks to my numerous allergies, I sometimes get laryngospasms which is where my throat closes up due to larynx muscle spasms. It only lasts a minute or two but it scares me to death each time it’s happened because when it happens I can’t breathe or talk.

Well, Sunday, yours truly, the occasional idiot, ate some blue cheese, which I seem to be allergic to (the mold in it or it’s relation to penicillin?)  Anyway, since eating blue cheese just causes me a sore throat, I didn’t think it was a big deal.  So I enjoyed some and figured I’d just enjoy my temporary hoarse voice for a few days.

Yesterday, I was in the living room with the kids when I took a sip of water and my throat suddenly closed up.  Within a minute I was on my knees struggling just to get a little bit of air.  Usually by 90 seconds I’m done and starting to suck in a tiny bit of air but this time I could feel myself getting really weak.  My head felt like it was swelling, my lungs felt like a major bruise, and next thing I know, I was waking up.

I got up slowly, relieved to be alive and then quickly searched the room for my kids.  They do so many crazy things that I felt myself blurting out “Oh thank God!” to find them sitting on the couch looking through books.  Little angels.  I had a bruise on my hip and I wondered if that was from falling over or my kids jumping on me (both are equally imaginable possibilities).  I looked at the clock and calculated that I was out about 20-30 minutes.  Why so long?  Did my body decide to take advantage of the opportunity and grab a quick nap?

The reason I was fine is because when you pass out from this, the muscles don’t spasm any longer.  At least that’s what my allergist told me.  So I really only fear this while driving or something like that.

I couldn’t help but go to sleep last night feeling so thankful and thinking about how lucky I was to pass out and type 1 diabetes not be the cause.   I wonder how many people who suffer from these spasms has that thought. lol.