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Our $100 Dining Table

We haven’t had a place to eat at in years because the table Alex and I bought when we got married fell apart-well not the table, but the stools.  And it’s a counter height table so the usual chairs wouldn’t do.  Nor is that height of table practical for children so….we’ve been eating standing up or sitting on the couch or at the kid’s play table or on the ottoman.

It was driving me crazy and we couldn’t afford to buy a table so I suggested to Alex that he try making a table.  One of those simple farmhouse style tables that are suddenly popular (who knew?)  I’ve always loved their simplicity.

Anyway, Alex got right to work on it.  I haven’t seen him so happy in a long time.  He felt, dare I say, useful.  Not that he normally isn’t but you know men and their need to save the day and boy did he.  When I asked him how he knew how to do the work (he made it look easy) he said, “Well, you know at work, I’m a form carpenter.”  “No way!” I said.  You mean I married a carpenter?  Had I known this before I would have requested all sorts of projects by now.

Anyway, here is the table he made us.  The kids chose the bold blue color.  My insides screamed “no! that’s crazy!” But I managed to tell the control freak in me to be quiet and just trust the decisions of others and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

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