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July and August Resolutions


I totally skipped May/June resolutions.  Busy months.  Yikes.  Let’s just go straight to July/August.

My July/August goal is to work on my book proposal.  But I have A1c Champions training and health coaching and some other diabetes advocacy related endeavors.  So instead I’m changing my goal to something I’m needing right now and that’s to exercise more.  I gain weight if I don’t do a lot of cardio (just the way I’m built I suppose) so though I have a lot of muscle tone, I need to jiggle off some fat before my frustration about said fat gets the best of me.  I plan on getting to the gym 3 times a week to do just cardio. Hold me to it.

Ana’s goal is to research graduate schools and programs.  This year she commences her senior year studying studio art and teaching and she has chosen to continue education.  Annie, consider this your reminder.  Hehe.

Anyway, if you’re new to my goal accomplishment system it’s called the 6 change method by Leo Babauta.  He is the widely popular blogger behind zenhabits.net.  Basically, you pick one change you want to make and focus on it for two consecutive months-plenty of time to make it a habit.

This method worked great for me last year and I’m excited to do it this year.  The blog adds a bit of accountability for me, too.  That, and I share it with my husband so he can help remind me of my goals.

Do you have a way of forming habits or making changes or accomplishing goals?  Share!

Busy Busy Busy

The lake right next to my dorm


By Ana Morales

I am so exhausted. Last Friday, I moved back to JMU for RA (resident advisor) training. Most days have lasted 10-12 hours so it’s been pretty intense. Today was fire safety day and I crawled through a hall filled with smoke, used a fire extinguisher for the first time, and attempted to find and drag a 170 pound dummy using drunk goggles. It was definitely a good experience and great practice.

Before moving back, I worried about what my numbers would be like because of the busy schedule, and so far they’ve been all over the place. At first I kept getting low because we were doing a lot of walking and moving around, so I lowered my doses, but I’ve also been feeling anxious and excited quite frequently, so that has probably made my levels rise a little. I’ve been checking whenever I get a chance (before eating, in between presentations, etc.) so that helps. I’ve also been drinking more water. I still have a few more days of training to go, and then the real work begins next week when my 26 freshmen residents arrive. I’m super nervous but I already feel so much more prepared than I did 5 days ago. I’m planning on continuing to check as frequently as I can so that I can maintain good glucose levels and just focus on all these new responsibilities. I know it’s going to be a tough year and good diabetes control definitely won’t hurt!

If you have any tips on how to maintain good, steady blood sugar levels during a busy schedule, please share! And thanks for reading :]