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Caffeine and High Blood Pressure

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Why do people with diabetes who have high blood pressure drink coffee?  Is it because we’re not generally aware that the caffeine in coffee can further elevate blood pressure? 

What about those who have borderline high blood pressure?  Why would we drink coffee?  I just asked myself this question.  I fall into the borderline high category.  The last several blood pressure checks were fine except for the one last week.  It was 152/106.  As I understand it that’s not even borderline, that’s high.  The ones before that have stayed in 110/70 zone.  I got really nervous for the visit where it showed high and so the doctors have always said I have “white coat syndrome”  which is when a person gets nervous or anxious upon visiting a doctor and it elevates their blood pressure to an abnormally high level.  I’ve been known to do this.  For example, last time I was at the endocrinologist I was 130/80 and then at the dentist (which doesn’t scare me) I was 110/70, which is what I’ve seen for the majority of my blood pressure checks in the past two years.

So I safely put myself in the borderline range.  The 152/106 really worried me though.  I haven’t been that high since I had preeclampsia due to my twin pregnancy.  It led me to ask myself, “Am I doing all I can to prevent elevated blood pressure?”  I gave up coffee recently and then started drinking a little bit of decaf.  Then I learned decaf isn’t decaf, it’s just low caf, meaning it is low in caffeine but not void of it.  So basically, my coffee is not conducive to good health.  It might cheer me up in the morning but I certainly don’t get cheery at the thought of adding to my kidney and eye damage risk.

How many of us out there drink coffee or cola and other caffeinated beverages in light of elevated blood pressure?  I wonder and I ask, why?  It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’m 28 and consider that a bit young to start on high blood pressure meds.  I know I may have to eventually but it seems like prolonging that start is kind of a big deal.  And I know for a fact that small changes have great repercussions in the large scheme of things. 

So I’m going to quit caffeine.  Peppermint tea, anyone?