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Angell Bar Review


For those times when I splurge, I like to really enjoy what I’m having.  I think I’m a pretty conscientious individual so to enjoy something, I need minimal guilt involved.  For example, I love Walmart’s prices but don’t shop there because I know they pay their employees less than other places.  When my husband presented me with a gorgeous engagement ring, my first thought was, “YES!!!” and my second was, “Wait, is this a blood diamond?”  I only feel right eating eggs if I get cage free and organic.  So yes, I like to try and live in a way that is respectful and accountable.  I don’t always succeed and a lack of unlimited funds presents a major challenge, but I try.

I recently discovered that the #4 most common question I get emailed is, “What chocolate or candy bar would you recommend?”  (For some reason only women have asked this)  I get so excited when I hear this question because I can honestly recommend something I have NO qualms with whatsoever.  I’m really picky with chocolate and desserts.  Your average dessert doesn’t impress me anymore.  I go for quality.  So anyway, months ago I found Angell Bars at my local Nature’s Food Outlet store.  When I bought one, the store manager said, “Have you tried these?”  I said, “Not yet, but I hear they’re good!”  He replied with his hands wildly gesturing, “You have no idea!  My wife says if she had to choose between Angell Bars and me-we’d um…well we’d be in trouble!”  “Yikes”, I thought…they can’t be that good.

So I got in the car and tested my blood sugar and saw I was 65.  Oh looky here I need sugar!  So I had the Snow Angell Bar that has coconut and white chocolate.  I felt the way I do when I get a back massage and I melted away into a dreamy oblivion.  Then when I awoke from candy bar heaven I sat up and loudly exclaimed, “OMG!”  I even think my hands became tiny excited fists.

After this I tried the other flavors involving chocolate and was just amazed by the smooth and rich taste combined with exceptional quality and texture.  My husband loves these bars, too.  He could easily take an Angell Bar over a Snickers bar, any day.  His favorite and mine- is the company’s “sleeper hit” the Snow Angell Bar.  There’s something about it…

In fact I’ve bought a box of these bars during PMS season each month for guilt-free consolation.  And I never buy a box of anything chocolate.

Here is the other part to these bars I really want to share with you.  Taken from the company’s website:

“By making our bars Certified Organic and Fair Trade, we can indulge in a delicious treat, knowing that no toxic herbicides or pesticides were used to grow any of the ingredients, that our candy bars do not support child labor or slavery, that no one is drilling oil wells to get fertilizer to grow our ingredients, and that no harmful runoff from our ingredients is ending up in our fisheries or our drinking water.”

To me this is guilt-free eating.  And I love it.  Can you imagine what would happen if we all demanded quality like this more often?  Wonderful things would happen everywhere.  We just have to dream big and then act on those ideas.

And luckily for our candy bar-loving-ways, Chris Angell and his wife Suzanne have done just that.

Check them out online!