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The Coffee Replacement I’ve Been Looking For!


I haven’t been this excited in a while.  I’ve written a few times about how I’m very sensitive to caffeine and how even a tiny bit will fuel anxiety and drive me bonkers (and just plain mean, ask Alex).  I’ve been trying to find something that replaces the huge hole that coffee has left in my heart and belly.  I tried hot chocolate but the packets I find have hydrogenated oils and too much sugar, the homemade version takes me too long (I’m kind of lazy), and tea is so…watery and…clear.

At the whole foods store the other day I picked up some organic fair trade coffee for Alex and something called “Teeccino” caught my eye.  I noticed it was an all natural “herbal coffee”, with no caffeine, 75% organic, and it came in delicious flavors like vanilla nut and almond.  I took home the almond amaretto flavor and brewed it just like coffee this morning.  I put a tiny bit of cream in it and took a sip.  It’s thick, flavorful, deep, nutty, and slightly sweet.  I really don’t have appropriate words to describe how it tastes except to say that I’ve found the coffee replacement I’ve been looking for.  It’s super delicious.  It’s something that even the kids can drink and only has about 20 calories per serving.  It’s low on acidity which is something that coffee is high in (and if you’re wondering, being too acidic is not ideal).

If you’re looking to cut down on caffeine or remove it altogether, try this stuff and gradually brew coffee mixed with this while adjusting the ratio of coffee and Teeccino in favor of Teeccino until you’re happy where you are at.  Seems like a painless way to do this.  If you feel fine and happy with your coffee, then cheers to both of us enjoying a morning brew.  I was beginning to feel left out.

Check out Teeccino.com.