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Motivation is Crucial and So Are Habits


How many of us would still have coffee if it wasn’t a habit?


Motivation is very important to get us through the first stages of creating a habit.  Creating a habit is necessary because a habit is what yields results.  Habits are simply what we do over and over, again.

If we want to improve something, we can replace bad habits with good ones.  Habits are so powerful because you can’t exercise one day and reap a lot of benefits.  You have to exercise consistently.  Same with healthy eating.   

Motivation is the fuel which will pump energy into a habit you’re creating.  Motivation will sustain you long enough to create that habit in the first place and make it so ingrained you can’t easily drop it even if you want to.  Imagine having a hard time breaking your exercise or dietary plan?  This is what I’m talking about.  Honestly, I have a hard time turning down a cookie but when I go to the grocery store, I have a really hard time breaking the habit of only buying necessary and healthy foods (except for a bag of tortilla chips for the husband).  This means when I am home, there are no cookies.  The temptation is far away.

Feed your motivation.  Think about what gives you energy and do it.  Use this energy towards creating habits that will lead you to achieving your goals.  Habits take about two weeks of consistency to stick so give it your all for that amount of time and then enjoy the results.