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It’s All Relative


“We must always think about things, and we must think about things as they are, not as they are said to be.”

~George Bernard Shaw


I had a friend who said she ate really healthy because she ate three salads a week alongside fast food meals.  I had another friend who said she ate, “pretty good” even though she never ate junk food, never overate, and followed a diet that might make a dietitian stand up and cheer. 

This is part of what makes the internet such a confusing place.  Many of us take part based on what we perceive.  Some might think a mile is a tiring run but I have a few friends who might consider that a very brief warm up.  Just as someone might feel that a family of four cannot comfortably live making less than 100,000 a year and someone else’s family of four feel quite cozy on 40,000 a year. 

It’s all relative.  Just something to keep in mind as we read through loads and loads of personalized info. 

A lot of things about diabetes is based upon an individual’s unique perception.  It’s called their opinion and you’re graciously entitled to your own.

Have a wonderful weekend!