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Sing The Blues and Let them Go

October 2011 023

Things I’m worried about right now:

The kids not yet talking (they’re 28 months)

The house looks like the tazmanian devil spun through it.

My health, as usual.

The bills, as usual.

The cold weather and the way it freezes me in place, making it more challenging to exercise.  Sounds pititful but I’m serious.

My 13 year old brother who is passing two kidney stones at the moment-hang in there bro!


Why I’m going to let those worries go:

The kids, aside from not talking yet, are on point developmentally and prove their intelligence by constantly working together to conspire against me.  One distracts and the other acts, basically.  Very clever.  Not to mention they speak in their own twin language-which is supposed to count.

The house doesn’t have feelings and will be fine until I get around to it.  Isn’t that nice to know?

My health and the bills are being taken care of and that’s all one can do.

The cold weather means I need to get me a Zumba video to do inside my warm home until the weather gets back to normal-I mean warms up.

I know my brother’s issue is just genetic because he eats so healthy and I know from now on he’ll drink more water and continue rocking out like this:

Throwing the worries away now…



Happy Friday, everyone!