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Testing Blood Sugar, A Repressed Memory?


I genuinely believe that we may not remember to test (which should be a habit, indeed) because our brains treat it like a repressed memory and locks it away.  Testing can bring about a lot of negative feelings and with each passing year we may get more and more tired of it and those feelings. 

I know of many diabetics who have experienced this to some degree.  I experienced it pretty badly one year where I only tested maybe 50 times-that entire year.  Every day that year I’d write in my diary something to the effect of “What’s wrong with me?  I want to test about 7 times a day like I’m supposed to but, I just can’t remember to and the few times I do remember I just can’t do it.”  The frustration over this has been a great source of stress over the years.  I would test and see a number I didn’t like and get really physically ill over it.  So maybe my brain was trying to save my body which was crumbling under the emotional strain of controlling blood glucose by repressing the reminder to test blood sugar?

I don’t see this as impossible and the more and more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  Any of you reading know a psychologist?  We need a professional opinion.  But you’ve just heard mine, and this happening to so many doesn’t make us the ones that are wrong-why we’re the “control” in this experiment.  I think this is an example of how psychologically damaging living with diabetes can be and how an increased awareness on the issue is called for.

What do YOU think?