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We’re so good at it.  All of us.  Or most of us, anyway.

I just read an article in Oprah’s magazine about a woman who has worked as a teacher and a life coach.  She mentioned that she witnessed art students being instructed to draw straight lines and circles for the longest time.  And even though they felt frustrated about such a beginner task, she noticed they rarely saw the imperfection of their circles and straight lines.

Now that she works as a life coach, she helps clients accept the flaws in their life.

I was reminded how denial is our way of procrastinating on the fear and discomfort and shame we feel when we confront the truth about ourselves and our situations in life.

The thing is, those unpleasant feelings dissipate really quickly once we see truth, accept it, and act on it.

The most healing thing I’ve ever experienced is acting on the truth.  Only, the first thing to do before acting on truth is realizing it and accepting it.  Doing that made the right actions possible in the first place.

And the right actions bring the right results.

I have always noticed how people will genuinely believe in a false truth and will act on that and then wonder why they aren’t getting the results or outcome they want.  And the trust is we can put 110% of effort into the wrong actions and get nowhere.  This feels unfair but it’s just the way the world works.

It’s absolutely crucial to be brutally honest with ourselves about why we’ve gained weight, about why we’re lonely, about why we are financially tight, and about why our blood sugars aren’t where we want them.

Only then can we take the correct steps towards improving our situation.  And only then do we experienced the sense of peace that brings a full acceptance of our reality.  Our reality really isn’t that bad when we look at it.  It’s more the thought of it that’s scary.

Look at an area of your life you want to improve and sit by yourself for a few minutes.  Be really honest with yourself about why things are the way they are.  Cry, scream, let out your feelings.  And then meet them with a plan that’s full of clarity and hope.  Be really specific about your plan and layout steps for the next month, week, and day.  You’ll feel better when you’ve done this, I promise.

This is something I help clients with in my health coaching.  Because sometimes we just need some support.  Nothing wrong with that.

Going back to School and Calling Guest Bloggers

Courtesy of Ana Morales


I wanted to let everyone know that I signed up to attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  It was a tough decision.  Not because I don’t have time or the energy or interest to do this but because it involves money.  All the money in the bank actually.  But if there is anything I have learned in the last few years of my life, where I’ve improved a lot of the ways I do things and changed many of my circumstances for the better, it’s to act today, instead of wait for tomorrow.  Tomorrow has a funny way of turning into never, you know?

When my kids were born I experienced something like an epiphany because they were healthy and I feared they wouldn’t be.  So two weeks after a painful c-section I thought, “I need to share what I’ve gone through right away!”  And in particular, I felt I needed to share the hope I felt after having healthy babies with type 1 diabetes.  I wanted others to feel that hope for themselves and know that I was doing ok despite many really difficult years and that if they were going through a difficult time, it didn’t mean they couldn’t overcome it.  It saddened me to think of other women out there to be as worried as I had been and to feel so helpless as I had felt.  I’ve learned we’re not helpless at all.

So my husband recognized my passion in this area and when I said I’d love to do this program in a few years he said, “Why don’t you do it now?”  All sorts of excuses popped up in my mind like the fact that my kids take up a lot of my time and energy (as they should) and my husband works long hours and in a field that doesn’t always provide steady work.  Alex is very, very practical with our expenses and yet I guess he knows that I find the topic of nutrition and health one I never tire of.  Truth is, I was interested in the body’s relationship with food as a child before I had diabetes.  Diabetes helped that interest grow and my first two years of college even focused on science, only I couldn’t decide between nutrition and sports medicine.

This program recognizes that there are different ways of eating that work for different people and it takes into consideration the emotional and psychological influences in our lives and how that affects our bodies.  This program focuses on a holistic approach to nutrition and exercise and I totally appreciate that idea!  I feel very aligned with the idea of learning how to coach people in a way that let’s them do all the deciding about what’s best for them and helping them pinpoint their motivations so they can leverage those for energy in their lives.  I love helping people with their health because I know it’s everything and I don’t take mine for granted and I look forward to learning so much more this next year. I can’t wait to share what I learn with you all and see what you think!  I learn so much from you and I thank you for that.

Wish me luck!  I’ll be documenting my journey with this program on the blog.  I’ll have my own health coach and I’m eager to see how the techniques used to coach someone can positively impact their lives.  I’ll let you know how it goes :)

I also want to open up the blog to more writers.  So if you want to guest post some time, contact me at sysy@thegirlsguidetodiabetes.com.  You don’t have to be a pro blogger or anything.  You don’t even have to be female.  Plenty of men read this blog, simply glancing over all the pink.  You can be a caretaker of someone with diabetes.  The type of diabetes doesn’t matter, either.  What I don’t want is copywriting.    Thanks :)