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15 Weeks Carnivore Diet Update

I made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving!

During the last few weeks, the cold arrived, typical for this time of year. I don’t do well from November to March because of the cold and darkness. I should probably move south. Anyway, it’s been harder to stay motivated and on top of tasks. Something as simple as neglecting to go to the store for beef has led to a little cheat here and there. However, these have been revealing:

A spoon of cashew butter caused stomach cramps and bloating.

I suspect chocolate (Lily’s sugar-free dark chocolate) bothers me. I wake up stuffy the way I used to. I have a lot of environmental allergies, and I know chocolate is high in histamine, so I wonder if that’s the main issue there. I should learn to keep chocolate as a very occasional treat.

Cheese isn’t a problem except for the way it hinders bowl movements, so it needs to be very minimal in my diet. This happens to many people, I know. If it doesn’t happen to you, I’m jealous!

A chicken wing from a store that had a tiny amount of flour added to the coating caused a good deal of bloating. Note to self: don’t forget to read labels.

A small bite of banana while low caused bloating and cramping.

Needless to say that the above experiences all led to me feeling worse and encouraged me to hop back on the never-cheat-train.

More Observations

My second menstruation experience on the carnivore diet was different than most of my periods. This time I had zero cramps and I usually have plenty of very painful cramping which started up last year after having been gone for years. Ah, lady hormones and the maddening confusion they cause…

Eating meat has become easier over the weeks and months. If I happen to have tough meat, I can just swallow cubes and digest it without any problem.

I found that steak tips cooked in an instant pot are pretty good and cheaper than whole steaks–which admittedly are by far the most satisfying. I never knew what the difference was between cuts. Now I know I prefer the porterhouse, followed by the ribeye, and the flank iron. For some reason I didn’t enjoy a filet mignon I found on sale. Too lean, perhaps? Due to my discovery of steak I’ve been eating what is on sale and having eggs in the morning. Sometimes I have burgers. It doesn’t cost more than how I used to eat (all that variety adds up!), but that’s because I’m not a big person and don’t need a lot of food. This is costly for others, for sure. A tall, active male would be spending quite a bit on food!

I think I might be having less joint pain, but I can’t be sure, and I’m not confident saying so. I will keep putting attention to this, though. Coincidentally, my knee has stopped hurting. It’s been hurting consistently since I tore a significant tendon back in March and in the last few weeks, it hasn’t said a thing, which is terrific because maybe now I can do something other than light walking for a change.

Some Labs

I have just been to the doctor for labs and haven’t received them so far except for my A1c, HDL, and LDL numbers. My A1c is 5.5% which is up from 5.1%. This is due to two reasons. One: I had a stressful couple of months unrelated to diet and two: the carnivore diet helped me almost completely avoid lows, and my A1c changes partially reflect that. My HDL went up from 64 to 70 which is great and my LDL, as would be expected, went up from 115 to 145. I will be interested in seeing my triglycerides soon as well as all the other lab results. I can update on that, later. I have heard that LDL isn’t super reliable for assessing risks and that it tends to go up when losing weight and changing the diet and then it may go back down. I don’t know, but will be following these numbers.

For reasons I’ll share in coming posts, I’ve stopped the carnivore diet (has nothing to do with the diet). I will be reintroducing vegetables and more nuts now.

Thank you for reading. I’m grateful I’m alive and silly enough to try things most people would wildly advise against. The journey is packed with lessons and increased self-awareness. I do think I’ve gained something from this experience.


An Intro to Quinoa

Pronounced “Keenwa”, I’ve been cooking with this grain lately.  Technically it’s a seed but you won’t find many people call it a seed.  It was the super food of the Ancient Incas in Peru.  It has an amazing nutritional panel, lots of protein, fiber, and a low glycemic index.  I’ve been cooking brown rice for the family lately as a way to give a small filling side dish to the other parts of the meal.  Brown rice takes 45 minutes to cook however, so some days I struggle to remember to put that on the stove in time.  Quinoa takes 15 minutes to cook!  And you can add things like spices, herbs, vegetables, chicken, and fish, to get a complete and tasty meal in no time.

Here is what my curried quinoa with peas looks like:

September 2011 003

Here is the recipe I followed.  It was great to use turmeric here because I hear it’s a great anti inflammatory-something diabetics can definitely benefit from!  This is an odd looking food but don’t be deceived.  My two toddlers loved the taste of this once they got brave enough to try it.

My blood sugars did really well following this meal which made me really excited to continue incorporating this grain, err seed, into weekly meals :)

Anyone out there use quinoa?

Product Review: Lindsay Olives

lindsay olives

I got some free Lindsay Olives to try out from the company.  All I could think was, well I wonder if my husband and family will like them because I’m not going to eat them.  I don’t like olives.  Yet, in essence I’m a food lover so when the box arrived I thought, “ooh let’s see what these taste like”.  I’m one of those people who like most foods (the high quality version).  Olives however, are one of maybe three foods on earth that make me gag.  My mom makes a Christmas bread called “pan de jamón” which has pieces of ham, raisins, and olives baked inside.  It’s delicious except I must pick out the olives.  I hate them so much a tiny bit ruins the entire mouth of goodness.  A shame considering olives are full of antioxidants.

So anyway, I open up the box and find black olives and natural green olives.  I try the black first which are packed in a re-closeable tub for convenience.  Scared of what I will taste, I close my eyes and place one on my tongue.  “Hmm…no vinegary taste”  Then I chew.  “Hmm…this doesn’t taste bad…very mild…”  Then I have another.  “Oh yeah…these are good!”  Before I know it I’ve had 10.  Uh oh, how much insulin do I need to give for this…”whaat? that’s it?  these barely have any carbs!”  I don’t have to give insulin!  Nice!

Then my husband comes home and I offer him some.  He says everything is “good”-even really good stuff.  So I know what I need to do.  I need to watch him.  1, 4, 5, 8…he keeps eating them like candy.  So I guess they’re more than ok.  Something you must know about my Alex is when he doesn’t like something a lot, he truly doesn’t eat it.  He was born with a self-restraint that bewilders me and it’s why he is thin, I swear.

Then I try the natural green ripe olives that come in a can.  They are packed in water and only contain a little bit of added sea salt and as a plus contain no preservatives or color additives.  I try one and melt.  “Alex!  OMG I didn’t know I loved olives!”  He congratulates me and joins in the eating.  The green are our favorite.  We finished the entire can of green olives that afternoon.  They are nothing like those olives that are so strong they overwhelm your whole mouth.  They are nothing like the rubbery and slimy olives found in your martini.  These are REAL.  And I wouldn’t say so if it weren’t true.  I have no tolerance for bad quality, boring snacks and if this was a review for Nabisco cookies, it would not be favorable.  I’m looking for indulgent snacks like these olives to ease my carb counting throughout the week and keep processed foods away from me.

For those of us trying to avoid gluten, olives are naturally gluten free and contain no soy or lactose. 

If you don’t like olives but suspect you might if they were milder and treated as nature intended, then try these.  If you already like olives, oh my are you in for a treat! 

I had my parents and brother try these and they all liked them.  They like how these olives were very tender instead of tough.  My 12 year old brother ate them like grapes.  My mom enjoyed their mild flavor.  Someone like my dad who appreciates a strong olive would probably really like some of the other Lindsay Olive varietals they sell.  I didn’t know but there are many different types of olives ranging from mild tasting to strong tasting.  Do you like wine?  Olives are a nice low carb accompaniment. 

Don’t forget about foods like these.  I always tell people that we can start breaking away from the traditional indulgent foods like mac and cheese and ice cream and try upgrading to whole foods like avocados, almonds, and now olives.  Mouth is still happy, but body is even happier. 

My only complaint is I can’t get these at a grocer near me, yet.  Luckily I can order online.