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#HAWMC Yahoo Answers Post

Courtesy of Photographic1980
Courtesy of Photographic1980


The prompt for today is to pretend you are writing a question about your condition and then answer it yourself.  It can be as silly or humorous as you want.  Here goes…ahahaha!

Q:  Where is diabetes from?

A:  Well, diabetes comes from Outer Space.  Millions-and I mean millions of years ago, Martians came over from, you know…Mars.  They came in search of dinosaur bones from which they would make their homes.  You could call it a construction material acquisition quest (CMAQ).  They found the bones they wanted but left behind the dust from their planet on OURS!  This dust over time sort of mixed in with the soil.  It wasn’t until animals and Humans came along that this dust started to “activate”.  Something about it mixing with a live being caused it to charge and wreak havoc inside a warm body.  Humans began suffering from this diabetes long ago because they lived on the land amongst the dust.  Diabetes cases increased over time because the dust requires heat to activate.  Over time, the planet has become warmer and warmer (thanks to global warming) and the world’s population has grown and grown (with the exception of Europe) and that is why this diabetes thing has simply exploded!

So as far as where this diabetes is from in the first place?  Like I said, blame it on the Martians.