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Happy Diabetes Art Day 2011!

By Ana Morales

Over the past two years, I’m pretty sure I’ve thought about my diabetes more than I ever did when I was younger. As I’ve been learning more, I’ve also been getting more scared. However, I’ve heard and read about people with diabetes that inspire me and give me hope. In my piece for diabetes art day this year, I wanted to illustrate part of the silver lining in my own and many others’ situation. Sure it’s no fun sliding needles and tubes into our skin every day and having to count carbs and wait for the insulin to kick in, but for now it’s what keeps us alive and we should be thankful that we have fairly easy access to it. At the same time, we should continue to promote diabetes awareness in hopes that one day every person with diabetes will be able to receive the supplies he or she needs.

So smile because you woke up to another day of possibility. Don’t ever forget how strong you are, even when you mess up. For more inspiration, check out the Diabetes Art Day website and The Butter Compartment, the website of Lee Ann Thill, creator of diabetes art day. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has created! Happy Diabetes Art Day! :]

Here’s what Sysy made: (she asks that you remember she is not an artist :)

It says “You deserve a halo, for jumping through hoops of fire”

And Sysy’s husband, Alex made this drawing from his perspective of things.  To him, what we diabetics do day in and day out looks like…

A Reason to Try


It was the Spring of 1999 and I was 15 years old.  I was sitting in my College Prep Biology class paying attention to something other than the teacher.  I was poking at my thigh which was starting to show a few broken capillaries.  My friend Michael, who sat to my right that entire year noticed what I was doing and said, “Don’t worry about that”, as he made a face to signify that it meant nothing, the face one makes when saying “nah”. 

“But, what if this is happening because I don’t take care of my diabetes enough?-I know I don’t take care of myself enough.”, I said.  “Well, then you need to take care of yourself better, you have to at least try.  I know diabetes must suck but, at least you have a better shot than if you had terminal cancer or advanced AIDS right?”, Mike replied.  “I suppose…” I said, not feeling too reassured.  Then Mike said, “Besides, one day, the right guy won’t be bothered by a few broken capillaries, I promise.”

I sat quietly the rest of class feeling relieved.  As a 15 year old, my worries involved my health but, I spent a lot of time preoccupied with how my diabetes might affect the way I look and I’ve always feared people (ok, males)  would be driven away.  Mike was right, later on, the right guy wasn’t bothered by a few broken capillaries, not even by a lot. 

Almost exactly three years after Mike and I had that conversation I found myself standing in a packed cathedral, the same one I’d eventually marry in.  With the bagpipes wailing in the background I thought about Mike’s words to me that day in Biology class.  He was right.  I had to take care of myself.  I had to do my best.  I did have a better shot than someone with terminal cancer.  He put up a strong fight, but, in less than a year from diagnosis, my friend Mike died of a rare form of Leukemia. 

Every time I think about giving up or giving in, even for just a day, I remember Mike, and his firm words to me.  And how his early death proved that I would have a better shot than he.  So of course, to me anyway, there is no question about it-I’ve always got a reason to take care of myself better.  I’ve at least got to try.

If only to honor those that don’t even get the chance.