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Invisible Illness Week 2011

Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono


I have what is considered an “invisible illness” but I KNOW I’d look different if I didn’t have diabetes.  It’s just that others don’t know that.  Diabetes has had a big hand in whatever other issues I’ve got and that has affected my body, inside and out.  I just wanted to put that out there.  I believe the same for people with other invisible illnesses as well.  If you don’t have energy or something is preventing you to live life just as you’d like, of course it affects how you look, at least to some degree.

I am glad that I can walk around without others thinking “Oh my…what’s wrong with her?”  I don’t want pity to be a big part of life.  However, I want to educate others about diabetes and it’s sometimes hard to bring it up when all looks well and good.

That’s part of the reason I blog each day.  To relate to those who are going through the same things I am and to reach out to those who are curious about us or who love us and let them know what life is like.  I read blogs each day about other conditions and it literally breaks my heart.  We’re definitely not alone.  There are many people suffering with many different ailments each day.  In essence, I blog for all of us with a chronic illness.  The day-to-day grind of living with something others can’t see or feel can be downright exhausting.

Sometimes my husband says to me, “Why didn’t you mention to me earlier that you were not feeling well?”  And my honest answer every time is: “It’s depressing to say it out loud.”

So thank you for reading because you allow me to get it out in the least depressive way I can think of.  When you think about it, what we write lasts so much longer than what we say, it’s probably one of the most empowering ways to say something as it can be so easily passed on and on.

To all of you out there with a chronic illness, cheers to you and may we all feel better rather than worse, each day that passes.  To all of you who advocate for those with a chronic illness, whether you live with it or not, thank you and God Bless you.