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And a Happy New Year…


Change always comes bearing gifts

~Price Pritchett

As I sit stranded at home thanks to the lovely snow I can’t help but think about the future.  I’m asking myself what I want out of 2011.  A few days before the new year is an excellent time to think about what you want to do differently next time around.  What did you do or not do in 2010 that you would change?  Ask yourself this question and be brutally honest with your answer.  Write it down.  Ask yourself why you did some of the things you did.  Think about why you didn’t do some things.  Narrow your list down to 6 changes you want to make.

This is Leo Babauta’s 6 Changes Method.  I did it last year and for the first time did I actually achieve some New Year’s Resolutions.  Finally.  I’d been trying to do this since I was little and each year my resolutions would just float away like a kite string I allowed to slip through my fingers.  2010 was full of steady improvement for me and it felt good.  There is still MUCH to improve upon and change and better so I’m excited to come up with my 6 changes this week. 

I’ll be posting them January 1st.  I strongly encourage you to try this method of producing a new habit.  It works because you spend two consecutive months focusing on just one new change at a time.  6 in a year, total.  And because you’re not overwhelmed trying to do 10 different things at once, chances are you’ll succeed. 

Seriously, try it.  Take the next few days to think of 6 changes you want to make in 2011 and we’ll go from there.  And don’t worry that something like flossing your teeth is too small a change.  Flossing is extraordinarily important because when we get older, a gum infection can help take years off of our lives.  And that, as opposed to simple flossing, is a big deal, no?  So don’t worry about trying to make enormous changes, focus on making meaningful changes that you know will have far-reaching, long-lasting effects on your life.

I hope you just had a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday with the ones you love. 

Here’s to a wonderful upcoming New Year!