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Let a Diabetes Routine Checklist Help You Out of a Diabetes Rut

 There are many ways to get into a diabetes rut.  Frankly for me, something as simple as a late night or a cold can snowball me into a rut that lasts a month.  Meaning, my numbers aren’t right, I’m not feeling 100%, and I don’t even know where to start in order to get back on track.  So it has occurred to me to try something to prevent and remedy this. 

Here is my Simple Daily Checklist:

Test first thing in the morning

Remember to give insulin before eating

Wait the appropriate time between insulin dose and eating

Drink enough water


Remember to give Lantus

Watch carb intake


These items may seem obvious, and they are.  The thing is, during the holidays, or busy weeks, or stressful times, etc., obvious things are forgotten. 

The other day I wasn’t feeling well and my blood sugars were running higher than normal and I looked at my check list and realized I hadn’t been drinking much water-in fact, two days went by and all I had were two coffees!  Yikes.  (The color of my urine should have alarmed me, but I guess I didn’t pay attention?)

Anyway, I put this list somewhere I can see it each day and even though it seems dumb to read, “exercise”, surprisingly enough, when I read it I’m like, “oh yeah!  I need to do that!”

Now not everyone responds to a list, or likes it, or is motivated to keep up with it.  Which is totally cool, but, if you’re the type that does like a little checklist (and boy do I love them!) then give it a try.  Make it personalized.  Perhaps you don’t need to mention water intake because you’re not as goofy as me and feel it’s only natural to drink enough water/liquids.  Maybe you tend to forget to give insulin before taking a bite from that cookie?  That has happened to me, too.  In any case, this might help you.  At least during months like, December, oy!

The basic things aren’t typically what we put on a list and yet, why not?  They may be the most important!