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Vitamin d and diabetes; are you in the know?


By now you surely know the sun gives us one of the most important things in life:  no, not a great tan.  I’m talking about Vitamin D, a fat soluble vitamin which is given in perfect doses to the body by the sun.

You can supplement in order to up your levels but-uh oh, you might overdose.

If you are going to supplement because you don’t have enough sun exposure you need to ask your doctor for a blood test first.  This blood test can tell you where your level is.  This way you know where you are at before you begin dosing with a vitamin D pill or something.

Why are we told that sun exposure is bad?  Well, maybe it is because lots of us overdo it.  Where I was born, in Venezuela, people can handle more sun.  Most people are a mix of European, Indigenous, and African and their skin can tan quite a bit.  People also aren’t such fans of burning there.  Here it seems women just love to bake.  I love laying out just like the next girl but, burning is no fun.  It doesn’t look good either.  If you have fair skin, embrace it and don’t spend so much time in strong sunlight.  Get a big fabulous hat to cover you up.  That’s what I’ve done because I seem to have lighter skin than the typical Venezuelan and I’m all freckled so I do burn in certain places after about 20 minutes. 

The darker you are the more Vitamin D you need so this means every woman reading this needs to spend some time in the sun.  If after a few minutes you start turning pink-then this means you have received enough Vitamin D and should cover up before turning crimson. 

If you are a diabetic woman who is pregnant, make sure to get your levels checked!  There is a link between pregnant women with low vitamin d levels and diabetes and asthma in their children (says my allergist and other sources).  So get that cute belly out in the sun if you can! 

Here is a link to some info about Vitamin D (since I’m no doctor) click here for medical news today on vitamin D

Or check out this book which I highly recommend!


Also, on Mercola.com you can look up Vitamin D and get TONS of really interesting and eye opening information on the subject.  That is where I come up with my statements on it (just so you know I didn’t pick them out of my imagination).


So I encourage you to read this info written by doctors and be convinced that you need to definitely get out there in the sunlight, every day if possible.  Just don’t burn!