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2011 New Year’s Resolutions


“When you are through changing, you are through.”

~Bruce Barton

Using Leo Babauta’s 6 Changes Method, I plan on the following changes this year:

January/February  Lose 10 Pounds

I utterly and completely bombed on my “lose 20 by Christmas” goal that began last August.  These last few months coincided with the most financially straining months my husband and I have ever had and to make ends meet, we ate more carbs.  And carbs don’t help a type 1 diabetic lose weight.  We’re doing better now and instead of putting pressure on myself to lose 20 pounds I’m going to go for a modest 10.  The plan will be to eat low carb so I don’t have to give a lot of insulin which according to the law of small numbers, equals better blood glucose control and better weight management.  Let’s see how I do.

March/April  Get organized

I’m a mess.  A scatterbrained mess.  I’ve made my bed about 5 times in my entire life and don’t know how to keep a room tidy.  This must change.  I don’t want my kids to grow up not knowing how to be neat.  Plus, it is such a psychological help to see things clean and cleared. 

May/June  Focus on creating

At the beginning of each day I want to wake up before the kids do and focus on writing.  Not checking emails or the weather, but first, writing.  This one task will help me to a much larger goal in life and so I see it of upmost importance.  With all the internet distractions available, it’s also not easy.

July/August  Exercise every day

I forget to maintain discipline for exercise.  It’s a wonder too, because it really is the only way I feel healthy.  It’s the only way I keep my blood sugars level and the only way my digestion stays regular.  So for these reasons and countless others I want to take the middle of the year to focus on exercising every day, even if just for 15 intense minutes.

September/October   Quit biting nails

This seems pretty silly and perhaps sad.  The thing is, I’m a nervous person and I tend to cling to nervous habits.  I’ve been biting my nails since age 6.  That’s a long term habit if I ever had one.  So I’m going to stop it once and for all.  You know why now?  Because my daughter and son are mimicking me trying to bite their nails.  Yikes.  We teach mostly by actions we parents, and this is one thing I don’t want my kids to learn.

November/December  Floss every day

Another simple and small change that shouldn’t require 2 months of commitment to do.  Yet, it does.  I can’t seem to remember to floss-ever!  I know it’s important and can eventually save 7 years of my life in the end.  I picked these two months because I figure these busy months could use a small, easy, change :)

Well those are my 6 changes, what are yours?  Here’s to our best year ever!