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Earthquake or Low Blood Sugar?

Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono

So can we talk about it?

By “it” I mean the baby tremor that we had in Virginia which as you all know was felt over much of the East.  First off, I would like to point out that millions of people have bug phobias and fear of heights and so fear is fear is fear.  (So don’t judge my panic over this incident)  Also, according to CNN this was a long tremor.  My apartment shook for a good 15 seconds and trembled for a total of about 35 seconds.  AND the last time Virginia felt something like this, we were all industrial workers and dress wearing housewives (is that what we did in 1897?).  So, for most of us this was a new sensation.

I felt a short tremor about 5 years ago at work.  It lasted 3 or 4 seconds and was very subtle.  I thought it was fascinating.  Yesterday was different.  We live on the top floor of our brick apartment building and when it started I was sitting in the corner where the computer is stationed.  I was writing an email to someone about Vitamin D when suddenly my keyboard began trembling and without realizing it I typed “ahhh!” into the email.  I quickly hit “send” figuring that if I died, someone would have an account of my last words on this planet.  Sadly, I would have gone out a little less dignified than I would like.

Anyway, the trembling got stronger and stronger and then my jewelry box fell off the dresser.  At the wall to my right I heard these large snapping noises that sounded like planks of wood snapping in half.  I ran to the living room to open the door to the balcony to see if it was the wind (I don’t know, I was in an “anything’s apparently possible” state of mind).  There was a gentle breeze and the balcony felt like it was swaying.  “Am I low?”  I ran back inside and started to pick up a few books from the book shelf when two others fell on my head.  Then I looked over to the mantle and saw a few dvd’s tumble down.  Then I glanced at “killer” our fish whose small plastic container was dancing towards the edge of the counter.  I ran and pushed it back from the edge and then ran back to my bedroom and like a total ditz spun around in place about 3 times.  It finally dawned on me what was going on.  And then it was over.  All I could think about for the rest of the day was how the earth shook.  The earth, ya’ll.

My most pitiful thought in the middle of this was: “And I thought diabetes was going to be the one to do me in”.

It was kind of nice thinking otherwise for a few moments.  So, thank you, earthquake.