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Secret Giving this Holiday Season


I really think self love also means love and kindness towards others.  I recently discovered Guerrilla Goodness which is “intentional, anonymous acts of kindness performed in playful, creative ways for strangers, friends, and family.”  One example of something listed on the website is to leave $5 Starbucks gift cards with a nice note lying around in different public places for random people to pick up.  Wouldn’t finding something like that totally make your day?  Free coffee from a stranger with a note saying something like, “You are loved”.  Priceless!

I have mentioned before about how I don’t enjoy the Holidays much.  There is a pressure towards spending all one’s money, people are unusually stressed out (often because of money), and the gloomy feelings just run rampant it seems.  This year I want to deflect all that.  And when I read about this one woman’s mission to spread the idea of random acts of kindness I couldn’t help but feel this was my ticket to a more exciting Holiday season.

Have you ever done a completely secret act of kindness?  I did once.  Years ago, a coworker friend was bummed about missing out on a pedicure treat with friends because she was short on cash for the month.  This girl was always giving every last drop to her kids and putting herself last, as many moms do.  So when she came back from lunch I made sure she found a $20 resting on her keyboard.  Her eyes swelled up with tears and she looked at me and said, “Did you do this?”  I said, “Nope!”  She went on to ask others and they all denied it, too.  I never told her it was me and it was really fun doing it that way.  It let her know that someone didn’t even need credit or to be thanked to give to her.  And surprisingly, though I really needed those 20 bucks, I was so happy and felt an incredible sense of joy the entire day for cheering someone else up, secretly.

So I’ve decided to carry out one secret and random act of kindness each week for the rest of the year as a challenge to indulge in the spirit of giving and joy.  Join me!  Or if you have any good (and cheap) ideas, send them my way!

PS: It’s my fellow diabetic and youngest sister’s 21st birthday today!  Happy Birthday Annie!  Wishing you many many more! :D