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American Culture Revolution for Health

Courtesy of Simon Howden

Courtesy of Simon Howden


We hear all the time how America needs it’s citizens to undergo lifestyle changes for the better.  And despite how hard that is, I guess it’s true.  I just think that we’re stuck in a slump.  I mean, if my friends and family and I are used to and enjoy certain activities and foods and many others are the same way, then how are we supposed to produce a massive change that sweeps the nation and improves the health of millions? 

When health care professionals say we all need to do be more active and eat healthier, I can’t help but think about how the typical health care professional is educated to really know and understand what to do and they make pretty decent money for a living, too.  That combination is probably an asset.  What about the rest of us?   

I think we need a revolution.  We’re Americans, we know about revolution.  Our future is in jeopardy as they say and yet how are we supposed to get ourselves out of this slump while being so busy just trying to survive?

I sometimes wonder if our situation will progress to a breaking point.  Maybe a mini revolution will take place.  People will hit the streets demanding particular health care reforms.  Mass numbers of citizens will band together and slowly change their customs and traditions to adapt to the new health movement.  They’ll demand better access to quality foods, more health education in classrooms, and encourage the development of lots of sidewalk additions all over the country. 

When we’re proud of our culture, how do we go about altering it?  I genuinely feel giddy inside just thinking about going to a baseball game and having a hotdog and beer.  I know many of us just love watching Glee at night with our favorite snack.  And popcorn and soda at the movies.  Cookies and pastries at social gatherings.  Our favorite Ben and Jerry’s when we’re sad.  Our favorite cupcake when we’re happy.  Barbeque, potato chips, and pie on the Fourth of July.  I think of all of this and my first inclination is to say, “Well…but it’s on special occasions that we eat this way-no biggie!”  And then I think about how all this can add up in the course of a week.  Next thing you know our way of life is to eat inappropriately.  It doesn’t help that it’s still funny to poke fun at the yoga loving, tree hugging, granola munching types out there.  Although, they are growing in numbers.

So when I think about the task that lies ahead of us I must say I feel quite overwhelmed.  I know it’s hard on willpower and expensive and a hassle to keep up.  I can only hope that my neighbors will create awareness with me, fight for our rights with me, contact our policy makers with me, and slowly adapt our culture to one that is just as much ours as ever-only healthier for our children and their children.

I think we need a culture change because living in the present one and expecting people to break from it is unrealistic. 

How do we do this?  I don’t know exactly, but I will leave you with the quote I always remember when I feel like quitting:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

~Mohandas K. Gandhi