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Do You Wait 15 Minutes Before Eating?

Photo courtesy of Michael Elliott


“Have patience.  All things are difficult before they become easy”


One thing that makes or breaks my blood sugars tends to be this one little rule I try to keep.  This applies, I guess, if you take fast acting insulin like humalog and novolog.  Let’s say it’s lunchtime and I  test and find I am 110.  I’m going to have 30 grams of carbs.  I give two units of insulin and instead of digging in, I usually wait 15 minutes before eating.

Let’s say my blood sugar is 160 before eating.  Well then I wait even longer than 15 minutes.  It’s a hassle but worth it because otherwise, after my meal, I’ll find I’m easily over 200.  This was a big challenge back when I worked outside the home and went out to eat all of the time.  What helps is to test an hour or 30 minutes before mealtime so that if you’re high, you have time to get down before your meal. 

When I practice this one discipline, I literally see a day and night kind of difference in my blood sugars.  So when I find myself slipping or getting tempted to just go ahead and start eating, I remind myself of what can happen.  And you know, a high often turns into a low and a low often turns into a high.  So doing this one thing right, prevents all kinds of ups and downs later on during the day.

When I can, I try to start the salad part of a meal or the chicken or meat part because of the low carbs involved.  Still, even then I will chew slowly in order to make sure my insulin and my carb intake is meeting at the same time, same place.  Then one cancels out the other and I feel pretty darn good two hours later when my blood sugar has stayed relatively in place Smile